Barbie Line Rhinoplasty: Korea’s New Trend

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Korea Barbie line noseA new trend in Korea today has patient’s vying for its so called Barbie-line rhinoplasty. It was tagged as the ideal noseline that will fit everything in your life’s activities whether it’s for a party, a job interview or a blind date.

Barbie-line rhinoplasty is the type of nose job that is a combination of several best jobs and is most favored. The name was taken from the famous doll, Barbie who seemed to be perfect in everything.

The features of the nose job include the following things.

  • Implant injected in the nasal dorsum and in the nasal tip.
  • Goretex and silicone are being used for the dorsum.
  • Uses a more natural cartilage for the tip. It can come from the ears cartilage or the nasal septum cartilage.
  • Better and nice nose, yet still natural to look at.
  • Cute but not upturned a reminiscent of Barbie’s nose.
  • Customized implants which are done to fit your own nose needs.  It suits the nose shapes and makes use of 3D virtual plastic surgery.

How is it done?

You may be very excited for this, but then always think twice before making your choices.

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  • Your nose and forehead protrusion will be first analyzed and evaluated. The point as well as the rise of the nose should be taken into consideration.
  • Implants will be made based on the analysis by the 3D scanner. This will make sure that it will be fitting your nose very well and will look natural all for the same reason.
  • Your alar and columella width will also be analyzed. This time, it is to check for the tip that will be customized.
  • Ear cartilage and nasal septum cartilage will be prepared to be better fitting for the nose. Double cartilage is also being used for the nose job.
  • Operation will be scheduled. You will be prepared for the operation and do all necessary pre-operation procedures. The surgery will be done in a hospital or clinic.
  • You need not stay in the hospital for overnight recovery; one can go home right away after the operation.
  • Follow post-operative cares. Avoid all things that may damage your nose before it heals and keep things light during the first few days of recovery. Take the necessary medication for pain and visit your doctor after you have been scheduled to come back.
  • This type of procedure that Korean cosmetic clinics are advertising will be attracting many patients before long. And really, Barbie is a good way to pattern your nose from. But make sure that everything you do with your face, it complements your whole look. And if you seek this procedure ask someone who has performed it before and is already experienced in the technique. This can make it perfect, requires less hassle and will give you the nose you wanted.

    Beauty is always something that needs to be enhanced, but remember your safety should come first before anything else.