A Simple CRP Test Could Predict Your Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke

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How one simple CRP blood test can spot inflammation that leads to heart attack and strokeGoing for your annual checkup can be stressful experience because it’s one of those tests that you can’t study for. If your diet isn’t that great, those blood and urine tests will rat you out in no time. But what about the important stuff, like your risk for heart attack or stroke?

A traditional annual blood test won’t necessarily measure inflammation risks and the health problems that could come with it. But there’s one inexpensive way to find out; you just need to ask.

When inflammation that’s good…

Inflammation, in its natural state, is good. It’s the body’s fight response to invaders. Whenever we get a cold, the flu, or even a cut, the body sends out these cellular soldiers to make repairs. This is the reaction you see when you see that red swelling on your skin. The inflammation process starts with a cut or bruise. Next, the body calls for elements to heal this cut or bruise and to get rid of any foreign substances that don’t belong.

Once “the team” is recruited, repairs start and that leads to moving substances from place to another in order to mend the site. Lastly, with the movement of these mending agents, there is fluid accumulation that slows the flow of blood and localizes the problem site. The good thing about the excess fluid is that it dilutes irritants and neutralizes toxins that may be present around the wound. That’s why sites around cuts and bruises get really hot for a time. After things are on the mend, that heat dies down and so does the redness, swelling, and pain. That’s the good, natural process.

…turns not-so-good

So, what happens when the body is in a constant state of “fight”? When that heat part doesn’t go away, that’s when inflammation can become dangerous. The danger is more cumulative than immediate. Soldiers that are meant to protect your body from harmful invaders, wind up attacking the body itself. The inflammation process destroys tissue which leads to more inflammation, and the cycle goes on. This constant destruction can affect:

How Can You Find Your Inflammation Risk?

To find out your overall risk, you can take a C-reactive protein (CRP) test. A CRP test is a simple, inexpensive blood test that measures the level of overall inflammation in the body. Now, everyone has some form of inflammation happening; so no one is going to be completely clean. First time results can be used as a baseline against future inflammation and activity. The rule is that anything below 10mg/L is considered normal. Based on these results, your doctor can run a high-sensitivity CRP blood test, that is more strict; anything below 1mg/L is low risk, anything above 3mg/L is high risk, and anything in between is average. If you’re still high risk after that then your doctor may request more extensive tests to find out what’s really going on.

CRP test results can change based on lifestyle. If you are a smoker, your inflammation risk is usually higher than non-smokers. Other risk factors include blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and physical activity. Getting those antioxidants in your diet can also help as free radicals cause inflammation. Bottom line is, just because you may be in the high risk range, doesn’t mean it’s over. You can make changes, get better, and reduce your chances in the long run.

All it takes is one simple CRP test that costs less than a movie ticket.

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  1. You nailed it. Most people just neglect this point. But I read somewhere that wise/clever people live longer because they know how to predict some illnesses like heart attack.

  2. Twitter:
    inflammation, in its natural state, is good. A Simple Test to Help Predict Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

  3. Twitter:
    Thank you for the information Dianne. I have never even thought that this simple test can diagnose traces of many diseases. I think we must annually perform a CRP test to check the inflammation level in our body.
    Imtiaz Ibne Alam recently posted..Acoustic Neuroma Explained – Symptoms, Treatments and SurgeryMy Profile

  4. Twitter:
    Are you a doctor? Anyways, thanx for this test to save the readers hearts… cheers
    Ansh Gupta recently posted..How To Speed Up WordPress Site: 16 Easy TipsMy Profile

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    Surely this would be really good to know the condition of your heart, being cautious can prevent may heart diseases too.
    himanshu recently posted..Best healthy lunch ideas for healthy lifestyleMy Profile

  6. nice post and nice advice for who got heart attack and stroke,i try to help my mother to escape from stroke b’cause she is suffering from high blood pressure a few times lately

  7. Iman Fauzi says:

    Such a nice information.. Maybe i will use this to check mine.. kekeke

  8. Mitch_Akl says:

    Guys, Pls try to take pomogranate fruit every day. It is the best fruit for your heart and your nervous system, also you might want to look up VIT K2, you will thank me later!

  9. Anshul Singh says:

    you shared this post like a Doctor but whole article is good and i remember these points to prevent from Heart Attack

  10. Twitter:
    quite an informative article you have posted!
    the case studies are the real help. Also the fundamentals regarding the inflammation just enhanced the biological knowledge of the readers.
    yogesh pant recently posted..HOW TO USE SUMMER VACATIONSMy Profile

  11. Twitter:
    CRP Test looks like the real life saver. One of my relative had been perfectly fine till he received a heart stroke, and faced a major complication. The physician suggested a simple CRP test to undergo, for members in his genetic family line.
    Gautham Lurk recently posted..Whatsapp for PC Download | Windows and AndroidMy Profile

  12. Twitter:
    Hey Dianne,

    That’s quite interesting post, I wasn’t aware that army to protect our body can even harm our body and certainly risk are too dangerous. I think we should go for CRP test once in a year, what you say about it?
    Shailender recently posted..How to Boost Immune SystemMy Profile

  13. Hello Dear

    i was read your post actually its very informative post and in fact i was neglecting this point really and i am facing low blood pressure problems really this post is very important for me, so thanks for sharing me

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    Everyone needs to take this test especially for genetics
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    I live under my grandmother words: “Go to hospital when you feel you need it boy!”

    Pretty deep isn’t? Ha – Ha – Ha!

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel
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    Wow ! i bet this content is no where available on the internet ! haha! that is what is Got unique content and leats to a blogs success ! informative though
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  17. thanks for coming up with this nice article I appreciate your research regarding the topic.., topic includes some technical terms but it is worth reading, by the way the heart related problems are quite common now a days, you are doing a great job by enlightening mass about the same… :)

  18. Twitter:
    Hey Dianne,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. We learned lots of good things from this post and it will surely help many of us. I really like this.
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  19. Ok….i\’m very glad to read this article and thanks for share this

  20. Thank you very much for the information!
    Great article dianne!
    Keep the good work goin!
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  21. Thank you for posting this helpful article. Do you have any article also about hypertension caused by pregnancy/childbirth? I am in maintenance meds since I gave birth to my youngest baby who is now 4 month-old. However, I noticed that my blood pressure has been consistent to be 140/100, and I am uncomfortable with how I feel physically. At times, I have blurry visions and get light-headed often. Thanks!
    Ria Dancel recently posted..Halo Anilao Dive ResortMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hi Ria,
      First off, I can saw unequivocally that 140/100 is concerning to me as a lay person who’s had experience with hypertension so I hope that you’ve visited with your doctor about that. There are so many factors that can come into being a new mother that an article about it would be more like a book. Off the top of my head, I have to ask if you’re getting sleep. Hormones, the needs of a baby can wreak havoc on sleep habits and that can result in higher pressure, weight gain and other health problems, believe it or not. There could be some other reasons that only doctors can diagnose but if sleep is an issue for you, check out http://www.valerianrootforsleep.com as it has some resources on the subject.
      Congratulations on your little one and please, make sure you get that pressure checked out.

  22. Twitter:
    Heart attack is the most dangerous disease in the world. To prevent from this disease we have to live healthy lifestyle. Beside that we have to monitor regularly our condition to prevent this disease. CRP is simple way to monitoring our condition. I’ve got great insight about CRP from this posting. It’s really helpful for me. Thanks Dianne for share this posting
    Werry Adnan recently posted..Cara Mengatasi Asam Urat Dengan Produk TiensMy Profile

  23. This sounds like a great idea, however if this is measuring inflammation how can we be sure exactly what is inflamed? Couldnt this inflammation be due to other causes?

  24. Although colorful foods are among the best anti-inflammatory remedies, I found spices such as turmeric, rosemary, oregano, chili and ginger to be very helpful. It is very easy to add them to our diet.

    However, I don’t know how affect they have on CRP or other inflammation markers but I would be very interested to see a study about spices and their effect on CRP, troponin, myoglobin, fibrinogen as well as homocysteine levels.

  25. From a nutritional standpoint tart cherries are the highest in anthcyanins and phenols. Many experience joint pain from aging or soreness from exercise, and they run to the typical anti-inflammatory, over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen. The anthocyanins and phenols found in tart cherries have been shown to provide STRONG protection against muscle injury and damage.

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