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There seems to be a big movement to go organic, for various reasons from health, to the environment. I decided to take a closer look as to why so many people are turning to organic, and how it would benefit my own family.

It didn’t take long to learn some interesting information about going organic, especially in our diets. Read on, if you would like to learn more about it as well.

In the Beginning

It appears that the new trend is detoxification, in order to get rid of harmful toxins that are simply sitting idle in your system. With the diets that so many of us partake in, it’s no wonder that we are harming our bodies.

The three popular methods of ridding yourself of these toxins are colon hydrotherapy, a detox diet, and all natural supplements such as a Zeolite detox.

One thing to keep in mind, that just because your diet might be filled with vegetables and fruits, it doesn’t mean you are free of toxins. Unfortunately, they also bring on their share of risk.

Organic Means No Chemical Toxins

Chemical toxins, such as pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers can have a detrimental effect on the cells in your body and organs. Your colon, liver, lungs, skin, and kidneys will all have to work extra hard to overcome these toxins.

Traditionally grown crops are often dusted with these toxins mentioned above, which are designed to protect the crop, not humans. We have been taught to rinse our foods before eating them, but that will not remove any toxin that has been absorbed into the product.

Organic farming does not use these chemicals.

More Nutrients in Organic

The soil helps to produce the nutrients in the foods. But, when traditional farming takes place with chemicals it depletes the nutrients in the soil, along with the pests they are trying to avoid.

Organic farming uses different processes, such as crop rotation, that allows for the soil to be continuously replenished with nutrients. Therefore, the crops will also contain more nutrients.

Good for Planet Earth

In addition to the crops losing nutrients through conventional farming, vegetation in general is also affected by the toxins from the chemicals used. This is our trees, grasses, and flowers.

Also, the more chemicals that are placed into the soil, the fewer nutrients there are for the next crop. If this cycle keeps up, then can we assume that the quality of our soil will continue to deteriorate?

No Genetic Modification

Several scientists are against the use of genetics to engineer plants for faster growth, and better taste. There must be a reason they are against it, right? There simply isn’t enough evidence in to prove that it’s safe for us, especially long term.

Some foods in your local market have been genetically modified to some degree, or have ingredients that have been, such as soy products. The scariest part of this is that manufacturers are not required by law to disclose if their product has utilized any modification process.

Livestock is Healthier

In traditional farming, cattle typically graze on the grasses in the fields. And, from reading above, you know what the fields probably contain on a traditional farm. Any grains that they are fed would also be grown with these chemicals.

Additionally, because the cattle tend to get sick as a result of eating chemicals, they are sometimes fed antibiotics just as a precaution. Synthetic hormones are also used in some traditional farms, to stimulate growth for better production.

Animal products that are certified organic have not been fed any of these chemicals or hormones.

Irradiation Free Products

Irradiation is the process of killing pathogens. However, the verdict is still out whether or not it kills them all. What it will do though, is kill of any nutrients that may be left.

Certified Products

There are stringent requirements in place by the USDA, including those who wish to use the emblem of ‘certified organic’. Any farmer who wishes to be certified must have their soil thoroughly tested, and be chemically free for at least 3 years.

Just make sure your products are certified by the USDA. There are companies out there that have false claims of certification. If it’s USDA, it will say it is on the label.

Not just Food

Organic is growing in all areas, such as:

You may have noticed by now that the organic department at your local market is growing. This is because more people are going organic, and so is the number of available items.

In Closing

You might have noticed that organic products tend to be more expensive. However, peace of mind is priceless.


I hope I have given you some (organic) food for thought. I know that I have learned a lot just through research on this topic. Of course, I recommend doing some research of your own, to determine if going organic is a good fit for your family.



  1. Sergio Felix

    Hi Mikki,

    I recently watched the movie “Forks vs Knives” and it was a real eye opener.

    In my girlfriend’s family everyone is a runner and at least three of them are professional doctors.

    They don’t eat any kind of red meats but are all up for fish and chicken as well as turkey and other types of white meat.

    In my house, my dad’s the top chef.

    He has diabetes so he rarely consumes anything with fat.

    But he is all in for red meat, vegetable soups, rice, etc.

    He eats very healthy but he doesn’t cuts out meat at all.

    Also, when I was in my teens, I decided to go vegetarian (I was a big Pearl Jam fan and just decided to try it out myself) I have to say I did feel with more energy although it wasn’t the whole time.

    My skin turned very light and I was looking not that healthy but I was ok with it.

    With time, I started eating red meat again and started feeling this massive energy all around, from that time I haven’t looked back.

    I never eat pork though but I’m 100% aware that meat is not the way to go.

    Great article!


  2. Chris Haynes says:

    The thing that sucks is, organic meat cost so much I cant afford it LOL
    Chris Haynes recently posted..testMy Profile

    • Cheolsu says:

      The same is true with Organic fruits and vegetables. I would not mind paying a little extra for something rich is nutrients and no chemical toxins. Thank you sharing this, Mikki!
      Cheolsu recently posted..FB LoginMy Profile

    • Canto says:

      Two ways to get more motivated:
      - start almost for free with organic germinated seeds, that contain 200 times more nutrients than normal food. A small quantity will feed you and bring many good things for the body
      - price per pound versus price per amount of nutrient may make you change your mid. I buy less -all organic- and I feel full with less quantity, since what the body needs is mainly the nutrient.

      Warm regards,

  3. hi…
    this is true organic is free from toxic particle and have multiple Nutrients in the same..
    So try to be organic to avoid various health problems…

  4. Organic is definitely desirable, but unfortunately, price is often the driver of our food selection. Since the organic methods don’t produce the yields of the factory farms, they can’t compete on price.

    It’s too bad that the nutritional value and taste aren’t visible the way that price stickers are.

    Until people start to learn about the benefits of organic (and the hidden costs of what we now eat) it will be a small niche.
    Bill Nickerson recently posted..Integrity Marketing – Are You A Digital Thief?My Profile

    • Gail Gardner

      That is not true. Commercial factory farms are heavily subsidized by the government and THAT is why the food APPEARS to be less expensive (but is NOT because taxpayers foot the bill for the subsidies). We must all stop believing media spin and find out where the truth lies.
      Gail Gardner recently posted..Quantity Equals Failure. Success Focuses on Quality!My Profile

      • Subsidies is definitely part of the equation, but the fact is that it is cheaper to mass produce food in a factory-like setting that doesn’t respect the land or the creatures and plants that provide the food. That is why the quality of the big producers is lower — they make more money.

        If it was just subsidies, then they could use techniques that respected the process and brought higher quality. But the subsidies are often used to encourage farmers not to produce to keep prices higher. Ironic, isn’t it?
        Bill Nickerson recently posted..How To Get Others To Promote You NOWMy Profile

  5. Gail Gardner

    Organic products are NOT nearly as expensive as many believe because they are not taking into account the difference in quality. I find that I eat far less organic food than I did commercial food so that brings the cost down.

    If you buy from your local Farmer’s Market you often get far more for your money and if you grow vegetables that are prolific like squash or greens or sometimes even cucumbers and tomatoes you’ll have more than you can eat so you can give some away or can them.

    High quality organic personal use products like Dr. Bronner’s soaps and Aubrey’s Organics hair and skin care products are highly concentrated. If you use a loufa with liquid soaps and use a reasonable amount of skin and hair products you’ll find you use far less of quality products than you do of the watered down chemical laden ordinary brands that contain few quality ingredients.

    Be aware that just because it says organic or natural or whatever or they sell it at Whole Foods does NOT mean it is a quality product. Most of what Whole Foods sells is no healthier than what traditional stores sell – it is just overpriced more of the same. You have to know what brands to buy. An easy way to know is to find out who owns them.

    Many brands that used to be high quality have been bought out by multi-national corporations that gradually reduce quality and bend or break organic best practices. As soon as a brand changes hands stock up on what is on the shelves and start looking for a replacement. I’ll be writing about all this and what brands we CAN trust on a new blog fairly soon, so if you’re interested connect with me on Twitter or in my primary blog.
    Gail Gardner recently posted..Amazon: The Wal-Mart of the InternetMy Profile

  6. Ricardus

    Organic is definitely good but the price is just killing us. I do wanna live in a healthy way but living in New York with my kinda income is dreadful.
    Ricardus recently posted..Christmas and Winter Sales Promotion for WordPress Hosting by WPWebHostMy Profile

  7. Norm says:

    I like the idea of going organic, but I’m not sure if I always trust the label. I’ve heard that something can be considered organic when it’s either borderline or right next to crops using chemicals and toxins. I also agree with the price thing- it sometimes seems that the price is a lot higher and I just question whether or not the quality is that much better.
    Norm recently posted..Do You Avoid Advertising Your Accounting Company? Here’s a Tested Alternative…My Profile

  8. Amar says:

    Do you think there is a correlation between these chemicals that are used to make food and Celiac Disease? I was diagnosed 13 years ago and at the time it was a new concept and no one really knew anything about it. If we fast forward to today, it has become a more mainstream part of society. I can go to a restaurant and ask questions and they don’t look at me like I have two heads!

  9. kath says:

    In my country, our goverment was promote to go to organics plants. Vegetables and meat. But I think it’s not usefull because they still use toxic to kill the insect …
    kath recently posted..Alam Natuna yang mempesonaMy Profile

  10. John

    Toxic chemicals are being used very badly in every step of food production; from seeds to farming & from cultivation to food processing and packaging.
    I am not against the use of latest technology in food industry but it should not harm our healths.

  11. Amanda says:

    that’s all nice, but there is one big reason to stay away, because mass producted organic food, especially vegetable is full of fungus and mildew because of lack of chemical spray
    Amanda recently posted..Gay friendly citiesMy Profile

    • jan

      That is not actually true, if the food was full of fungus and mildew a) people wouldn’t buy it and b) people would get sick and then the farmer would be in deep trouble with the health authorities. Organic farmers still have to reach strict quality controls on the food that they produce from production to the time it gets to market and is sold.
      jan recently posted..I quit sugar – how to stop sugar addictionMy Profile

  12. Gautham says:

    Technology for the sake of improving the bottom line of the corporations is not fine if you ask me.
    Gautham recently posted..Ripley’s Believe it or not!Strikingly True! Hard Cover Book ReviewMy Profile

  13. Michael

    Going organic requires a significant investment, however. You will generally pay 20-30% more for organic, so if you make enough money, then I say go for it, but if you don’t, then sacrifices must be made.
    Michael recently posted..What to do with Christmas LeftoversMy Profile

  14. jan

    There has been a lot of research done on organic food and I think it has been proven that it does not have more nutrients than non-organic, nor does it tend to taste any better – however it is chemical free which is a huge bonus for our health. It does cost a bit more for organic but I think prices have come down since the first push to eat organic – and Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world for food! I went to our local farmer’s market’s for the first time today and was amazed at the low prices, although not a lot of organic stuff but I do buy organic where I can.

    In Australia hormones have not been fed to animals for many years but the urban myth still continues that farm animals are fed hormones. Our local supermarkets advertise “hormone free” well duhhh, all meat is hormone free here. So I don’t know if things are different in England and the US? When young girls started going through puberty at 8 years old, they started to look seriously at the food chain and what was happening to make this occur.

    Also a few years ago there was a big back lash because infections were becoming resistant to anti-biotics because of over prescribing by doctors and being used in our food so I think that has been cut back a lot. But nothing beats organic for quality – particularly as fruit and veg have to be vine ripened!
    jan recently posted..FAQ about the Weight Watchers PointsPlus programMy Profile

  15. Mark Dorsten says:

    Have you ever tried Reiki?
    I have used Reiki to treat acid reflux and gall bladder problems.
    Allergies are a hyperimmune reaction and Reiki typically helps with that type of problem.
    I know it isn’t a 1-time cure but a change in lifestyle and outlook.
    Good Luck with your farm!

  16. GADEL

    For our peace of mind and health let’s go organic! Thanks for this timely reminder.
    GADEL recently posted..To do things rightMy Profile

  17. Kari

    I just had a post about genetic modification to food and I think it’s crazy! How can it be safe for us? And if it doesn’t even have to be disclosed then we are really in trouble! So I personally like to just hit up the farmers market and avoid the food that I’m unsure about.
    Kari recently posted..Why Balance is Important in Your LifeMy Profile

  18. Sarah Queen

    i have an idea about why we must go to organic? i think if we go organic we participate to safe the word from pollution and start new world era called healthy world. it just my opinion :D

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