9 Amazing Plugins You Can Use For WordPress Speed Optimization

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Tesur Rajan
Tesur Rajan
Tesur Rajan
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Best Plugins Bloggers Can Use For WordPress Speed Optimization

Image courtesy of photostock/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Do you want your visitors to stay longer?

Want them to explore more?

If so, the very first thing you need to do is to check your WordPress blog loading time.


No matter how great your article is, no matter how long or short it is, if your blog takes more than 5 sec to load a page you will end up losing your potential readers or clients.

Now let’s see what would you do if I ask you to WAIT for exactly 5 sec.



I sure most of you reading this post just scrolled down to see what plugins I have mentioned in this list to optimize WordPress speed. Right?

In case, you actually waited for 5 sec than perhaps you have more than enough patience as compared to others.

And if not you can now understand what I am trying to say. If you as a blogger or webmaster can’t wait for 5 sec then how can you expect your visitors to wait while your page is still loading.

Now let’s get to the point and see what plugins you can use to speed up your WordPress blog.

Best WordPress Speed Optimization Plugins You Should Know About

W3 Total Cache

The best WordPress cache plugin recommended by pro-bloggers and leading web hosts. This plugin is designed to reduce loading time and improve user experience by improving your server performance.

With this single plugin you will be able to create cache for browser, database, objects, pages and not just cache it will also minify CSS and JavaScript to save you every single kilobyte that you can.

And YES, W3 Total Cache also supports Content Delivery Networks like MaxCDN, NetDNA, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, and Amazon Cloud Front.

Download Link

WP Super Cache

If you find it difficult to setup W3 Total Cache than I would recommend you to try WP Super Cache. As compared to W3 Total Cache, this plugin is very easy to set up and maintain.

Download link

DB Cache Reloaded

The plugin caches every database query within predefined lifetime which makes your blog load much faster and uses less disk space for cached files compared to other plugins. The developer of this plugins claims that it’s even much better than other caching plugins like WP-Cache and WP Super Cache (one that I mentioned above).

Download Link

WP Database Optimizer

On of the best way to maintain WordPress performance is to regularly optimize database entries and to do this automatically, you can try WP Database Optimizer plugin. You can schedule it to run after a certain number days and let it do the work in background.

target="_blank">Download Link

WP Widget Cache

This plugin caches the output of your blog widgets which significantly reduces database queries and speeds up your WordPress blog. Use this plugin as an addition along with WP Super Cache .

Download Link

FV Gravatar Cache

If you are getting lots of comment on your posts and you are also displaying gravatars with comments then this plugin will surely help you reduce page loading time. How? Instead of downloading gravatars images directly from Gravatar.com, the plugin will stores all the gravatars on your blog by caching gravatars on comment submission which means lesser DNS query look up and better site speed.

Download Link

WP Minify

The plugin helps you combine and compress CSS, JavaScript files and thus reduces the total number of HTTP request which means better site loading time. The plugin gives you free hands to include or exclude certain CSS or JS files to minify.

In case, you are using W3 Total Cache you don’t need to install this plugin since W3 Total Cache an inbuilt setting to minify CSS, JS and HTML.

Download Link

WP Smush.it

We all know that posts with eye catchy images tends to do well as compared to posts without any image. But one big problem with images is their file size which can dramatically increase page loading time.

And to overcome this issue, I recommend you to install WP Smush.it plugin on your WordPress blog. Once you install this plugin, every image you add in your post will automatically be optimized and compressed which again means better page loading time and much better user experience.

Download Link

BJ Lazy Load

If you are using lots of images in your posts or pages this plugin will surely help you reduce load time and save bandwidth. The plugin replaces all images (including gravatars) and iframes in your page with a placeholder and loads them only when they are visible in the view port of the browser.

Download Link

Here’s A BONUS For You:

P3 Profiler

P3 or Plugin Performance Profiler, is a plugin you can use to scan all your installed WordPress plugins and detect which plugins are slowing down your WordPress blog.

Download Link

Over To You…

Besides using these powerful plugins, there are many other ways you can try to make your blog load fast and some of them are discussed here.

Now that you know what plugins you can use for WordPress speed optimization. Go and give them a try on your WordPress blog.

Do you have anymore recommendation, if so do share with us in the comment section. 


  1. FV Gravatar Cache Rocks! Thanks for the great list! i can see how much effort you have put in this post! Great Job!

  2. Twitter:
    Blog speed is very important for every blogger and we must make sure that our blogs are quite fast because a slow loading blog is bad for SEO
    I use Super Cache plugin I think it’s the best one among other plugins mentioned above thanks for sharing this awesome post keep it coming !
    Anis Emitez recently posted..Quick Tips on Blogging for NewbiesMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    nice article Tesur,
    loading time effects the blogger in two ways, 1. we can loose our potential reader and
    2. the SEO will be affected adversely..,
    so, it is the basic requirement to have the fastest loading blog…
    thanks for mentioning these cool plugins..:)
    Rohit recently posted..Why We Use Static in Java (Explained)My Profile

  4. Twitter:
    Hi Tesur,

    So one should all these above mentioned plugins or using any one plugin is enough? I’m asking this question because I haven’t used till now. But soon going to launch my blog on WordPress.
    Pankaj recently posted..MLM Software DevelopersMy Profile

  5. Deepak Mehra says:


    These tips you describe increase our speed really informative for every blogger.

    Thanks for share with me@@

  6. Twitter:
    Iam planning to create a new wordpress site..so this will help..thank you
    Suraj recently posted..Xbox 720 Price details revealed?My Profile

  7. Twitter:
    There are also plugins to optimize your blog for speed and performance of images.

  8. Hey Tesur,
    Nice post and Yes, loading time is one of the impotant factor in blogging and it also affect our blog as if blog have low loading time then may be reader switch to other blog. Thanks for sharing this list of plugins.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Love Stories Of All TimeMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    Thank you very much for the great List… Can u suggest me one among W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache ?
    Nagaraju G recently posted..Apple iPad mini 2 Rumors and Release Date with PriceMy Profile

  10. Twitter:
    Thank you Rajan!
    You are right here, loading time to your blog must be less than 5 sec. It helps to get more traffics from search engines. All top search engines priortize the less loading time content.
    You all 9 list are really valuable to boost the site’s ranking.
    Googma Sansar recently posted..The Effective Ways to Web OptimizationMy Profile

  11. Sunitha says:

    I always use wp super cache and lazy load plugins for my blogs. Anyways useful list of plugins for newbies and great information. Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Twitter:
    Amazing post! Yeah I never try some of this plugin may I have to take some time to learn more about this.
    Kimsea recently posted..Friendly SEO techniques for Write a Popular Blog PostMy Profile

  13. Twitter:
    All of your plugins are very nice. I,m using Super Cache. But i,m using Yoast’s SEO plugin, i was expecting that you might discuss. What’s your opinion about Yoast’s SEO plugin?

  14. I found this biggest problem with load times of blogs I have been involved with are social share features, I try to minimise the amount of post within a page and lazy load as much as possible. I’ll certainly checkout some of thes plugins though

  15. Twitter:
    Hey Tesur Rajan,
    I know everyone hates slow pages, and hopefully your tips anyone can increase the speed of Web pages more quickly.
    WP database optimizer plug-in rocks here. I really appreciate you for putting efforts and guidelines to the list of plugins.
    Good Luck !
    Chetan recently posted..Top 3 Tips When Buying Technology for KidsMy Profile

  16. Twitter:
    Hi Tesur
    Really amazing plugins, I love the WP super cache most.
    Thanks for sharing
    Duyu Nimey recently posted..Which one to choose wordpress.org or wordpress.comMy Profile

  17. Twitter:
    Good topic,

    Have you ever had problems installing more than one of these plugins at a time?
    Darnell Jackson recently posted..Grow Your Audience for TEN weeks straight. [5M 010]My Profile

  18. Twitter:
    Hi, Tesur Rajan .
    I agree with 9 plugin, but may need to add one or two more, in order to become a perfect blog. Lightweight template (template seo) is interesting, so that visitors do not run because it was too long to wait for an open template, yes especially coupled with the capacity of the image as mentioned above. Visitors will surely feel at home and linger in our blog. With a record of quality articles in the blog is still the king. thank you and success for you

  19. Robert Koenig says:

    I haven’t noticed problems on my blog that would indicate a use for these plugins, but then again I’ve never tried to install any of these plugins before. Thanks for the list.

  20. Twitter:
    Hi good article I use w3 tc I think one is enough. google jumps on sites which have slow loading time so its a must have
    kevin redman recently posted..Article Writing ServicesMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hi, Kevin I agree with you if you are not facing speed issues then one is enough. However, I think you should also try WP Smush.it not only it will help you speed up your blog but will definitely help you save your server bandwidth.

  21. Twitter:
    Thanks for the list. My site’s speed is currently not that great so hopefully these will help
    Leslie Edwards recently posted..The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Learning How To Produce Electronic Music: Part 1My Profile

  22. Twitter:
    Amazing and very nice post and very useful collection of plugins for speed optimization ,, Thanks for sharing this useful article.this post is very helpful for me ,,
    Fashstylo recently posted..The Simple Way That Help You Live LongerMy Profile

  23. This column was super useful, I will try Super Cache instead of W3 total cache since it’s been a little complicated to make it work 100% well without causing issues.

    • Twitter:
      Yes, setting up W3 Total Cache is a bit complicated but I think it is the best caching plugin to speed up your blog. However, if you are not comfortable with W3 TC then you should defiantly avoid this plugins and use WP Super Cache.

  24. Twitter:
    Great list of WP plug ins, I have now installed the majority of them into my blog.

    jay recently posted..Vision Eternity ReviewMy Profile

  25. Great list of plugins, going to definitely check out a few of them right now. Need to up my knowledge on wordpress though, thanks for sharing.
    John Miller recently posted..Teens Make Money Online!My Profile

  26. Ashutosh says:

    Nice and very informative plugins Thanks for sharing .

  27. Gzip is also important! im not sure is there plugin for wordpress

  28. Twitter:
    hello tesur
    awesome post. i use w3 total cache and its really awesome. thanks for the post
    prabhat recently posted..Top 5 Best Android Phones Under 15000 Rs in IndiaMy Profile

  29. Twitter:
    hello tesur
    you have good writing skills and yes loading time of a page can distract the user and it results in less traffic and high bounce rate. i use WP super cache and its really awesome. i also like w3 cache. and smush.it is great for reducing size of images. overall a great post indeed
    raj recently posted..Free Download Subway Surfers For PC, Android and ComputerMy Profile

  30. Cool plugins. Setting it up is a bit difficult than Super Cache indeed. Also I tried to minimize the amount of post within a page. And many others.. Some features helped a lot!!! Merci..

  31. Twitter:
    W3 Cache and WP Minify are must have plugins for every blogger.
    Michael recently posted..Top 10 Best Antivirus SoftwaresMy Profile

  32. Twitter:
    Really nice and very helpful article :)
    I myself have been using W3 total cache and it has helped a lot in optimizing my blogs speed :)
    abhishek recently posted..Samsung To Launch Mega Series SmartphoneMy Profile

  33. Danielle Parsons says:

    Appreciate this list of plugins to increase page load times. Google does place an incentive on blog and website owners to have fast loading content. I highly recommend Comment Luv Premium plugin and the new CommentLuv Link Cleaner by Andy Bailey.

    I had about 9 plugins before to combat link and comment spam and CommentLuv Premium helps me with so much more than just fighting the spammers!

  34. Twitter:
    Bz lazy load is the plugin I personally prefer for any blog. It is nice and amazing. Thanks bro
    Ashish Kumar recently posted..Top 10 iOS Apps This Week You Don’t Want to MissMy Profile

  35. Twitter:
    Good set of plugins for speed optimisation. Did not realise that there was a gravatar cache plugin as well. I will look into that. I am using smushit plugin but it seems cumbersome at times and does not do the work if you have large images. Thanks for the suggestions.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Advice to a female student travelling to IndiaMy Profile

  36. Great information posted in your article – thanks for sharing.

  37. Nice Tesur .. You are right . if your web’s speed is slow . then users will close your website and they will open another because they wouldn’t like to waste own time :) .. this is very important part of seo :) and I’ll use these plugins Must! Thanks for Superb atricle :)

  38. Twitter:
    There are also plugins to optimize your blog for speed and performance. Here’s some of the best plugins you can use to optimize speed of your WordPress blog.

  39. Twitter:
    Some of the nice list of plugins you have given here, I already use few of them but some of new to me, I will be suing it soon!
    Krishna Parmar recently posted..Top 10 Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4My Profile

  40. i have an issue of website loading but now i can fix that thanks for sharing some useful plugins

  41. Corey Hr says:

    I do use WP-Super Cache and it just rocks. It loads up the site fine. If you are using a shared hosting, and expect some traffic, I would suggest using that : )

    Thanks for the post

  42. Twitter:
    this is cool way of optimizing the blog with wonderful ideas thanks for sharing this informative article
    Rajkumar Jonnala recently posted..Root Guide for Micromax Canvas A110 and A116My Profile

  43. Twitter:
    The P3 profiler is AWESOME! Great find, thanks!

  44. I use W3 total cache currently since it’s the most commonly recommended. But I like that you gave a whole list of alternatives and additional functions. I might try out WP super cache now. Thanks.

  45. Twitter:
    I’m big lover of Word Press based websites, and will surely try these plug ins to boost up the speed of my blog. Thanks Tesur Rajan

  46. Very nice plugin. Hope they can ease the readers to read our blog, especially they wo have slow connections.

    Thank you, Tesur.
    Ilmu Kimia recently posted..ProteinMy Profile

  47. Hi,
    First, thank you for this nice list.
    I’m using P3 Plugin Profiler on all my blogs, and i’m quite happy.
    But i think that the use of such plugins only constitues a part of the optimization, for instance i had high server loads even if i’m using P3 Profiler, a deep analyse and i found that i have to use server sides plugins, now i’m using Apachebooster combining Nginx and Varnish, and everything is okay.

  48. Twitter:
    Hi Tesur Rajan, Great list of plugins to optimize our blog’s speed. I am using some of them which you have listed above and WP Widget Cache, FV Gravatar Cache are really new for me which am going to try it for sure. Thanks for Sharing this Great list bro :)
    Sai Kumar recently posted..The History of WordPressMy Profile

  49. Twitter:
    Just wondering that where w3 total cache goes?

  50. Twitter:
    I’m using WP Super Cache to one of my website and performance was great. However, you have to manually clear the cache from time to time.
    Michael recently posted..Exotic Foods Insects For Your AppetiteMy Profile

  51. Twitter:
    I’m using WP Super Cache to one of my website and performance was great. However, you have to manually clear the cache from time to time. Specially, if you add or removed plugins.
    Michael recently posted..Exotic Foods Insects For Your AppetiteMy Profile

  52. Twitter:
    Great list of plugins Tasur – an essential resource for bloggers wishing to speed up load times, get some love from Google and stop turning away visitors because the door takes too long to open!

    I use W3 Super Cache, Smushit and Database Optimizer. Haven’t heard about the BJ Lazy Load. Is it worth installing along with my plugin trio?

    Many thanks

    Andy Britnell recently posted..Infographic for creating great contentMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Yes you can use BJ Lazy Load along with W3 Super Cache, Smushit and Database Optimizer. It would be a nice addition for your blog if you’re using lots of images or getting lots of comments by your readers.

  53. Twitter:
    Hello! Tesur Rajan,
    Thanks for sharing these tips with us.
    I am using W3 Total Cache, and some others, but still not getting satisfactory result.
    I will test others as your tip.
    Thank you to success!
    Acts: Joshua Mota

    • Twitter:
      Try FV Gravatar Cache and BJ lazy load along with W3 Total Cache, you will surly get better results. Additionally, you can also try WP_Smush.it to compress your images and reduce load times.

  54. I use some, but not all of these. Are they all necessary?

    • Twitter:
      As I said before in one of the above comment, you don’t need to install all plugins. Just a combination of two or three plugins will do work. My recommendation is to go for W3 Total Cache, WP-Smush.it and BJ Lazy Load.

  55. Twitter:
    Well Tesur I’m really impressed.

    We were suffering slow load times of about 6- 8 seconds even with W3 Super cache, WP Database Optimizer and Smushit.

    Having taken your advice by adding FV Gravatar Cache and BJ Lazy Load my load time is down to 2.91 seconds.

    Awesome result :-)

    Thank you so much.
    Andy Britnell recently posted..The 7 reasons why blogs failMy Profile

  56. Twitter:
    Very Nice post, I will consider these plugin to optimize my website speed, because from quite along my users are camplainning about speed.
    Issaq recently posted..The Wonderful And Mystical 4.5 Billion Year Old Fukang Pallasite MeteoriteMy Profile

  57. Twitter:
    Great article.. The above mentioned plugins will surely boost your loading speed. But checkout below 15 best plugins which will save your time by reducing work effort.
    Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar recently posted..15 Best Time Saving WordPress PluginsMy Profile

  58. Twitter:
    Loading tim of the website is very important. The plugins you have shown here are useful and works perfectly. Thanks for the comment.!
    Fairooz recently posted..How to send large files faster without Wi-Fi DirectMy Profile

  59. Thank you for this list.
    I’m now allready using W3Cache with Memcache for extra performance increase…. I have 32GB and very query sensitive installation, so I’m very happy with this plugin.

  60. Hi Tesur,

    Thanks for sharing this post. This is indeed helpful for me as I am really new with WordPress. I am still discovering features of WordPress and I am really appreciating it. With your post, I gain much more idea on how to use WordPress usefully.
    Margaux Allen recently posted..Dry Product Filling Machine Weigh and Fill SystemMy Profile

  61. Twitter:
    I had been looking for something like P3 profiler for some long time. I’m gonna try this one on an old, slow loading blog and see what it can do.
    Thanks for the great list! It was really helpful.
    Chetan Bhasin recently posted..SEO For Dummies: 10 FAQs AnsweredMy Profile

  62. Twitter:
    Thanks for the list. I only use W3 Super cache, so far so good. Anybody try Google’s PageSpeed Service which are suppose to be in beta now?
    Foo recently posted..LoveClaw Plugin Get You 350% More Facebook Like | ReviewMy Profile

  63. Twitter:
    Thanks for sharing the plugins. Among all of them W3 Total Cache is my most favorite.It works superbly for me.
    Lakhyajyoti recently posted..10 Great Sites with Printable CouponsMy Profile

  64. Really nice post. Using some of them on my blog and will try the rest.
    Rajat Prasun Sati recently posted..Convert your TV into a Smart TV with Micromax Android Smart StickMy Profile

  65. Twitter:
    yes these plugins are more than being just helpful but what if your site already has a good loading time, has good quality content but is still devoid of the readers of which it has the potential to get?
    my website is going through the same problem…
    have I to download some more plugins to keep it right or to do something else for getting the good feedback?
    yogesh pant recently posted..Aurora: The facts about borealis and australisMy Profile

  66. Twitter:
    Hi Tesur,
    which one do you think is the best for improve speed of my wordpress? I try to use W3 Total Cache but i got an error in my website after implement this plugin. Do you have some config for W3 Total Cache, maybe i got a mistake when config this plugin?
    thanx for share…
    anastris recently posted..Sepatu Nike Versi Angrybird.. wuii..My Profile

  67. Twitter:
    Hey Tesur,

    Nice post! I am really interested in the P3 plugin. I think its a good plugin to use so that I can a have lesser time searching for plugins that is slowing down my WordPress sites. I will also try to use the other plugins that you just gave. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Farrell John Conejos recently posted..One Piece Vs ZombiesMy Profile

  68. Gzip is also, which make my sites superfast! why its not mentioned in here ?

  69. nice article. should include wmu cache maker

  70. Hi,
    very nice collection of plugins. Thanks for sharing.

  71. Miles Gilmour says:

    I’ve used W3 Total Cache quite a few times and agree it is an excellent plugin. Used in conjunction with Amazon CloudFront you can turbo charge graphics heavy sites for a very reasonable cost. One thing to be wary of is caching the admin pages, I’ve had a few problems where W3 total cache has been too eager to cache everything and updates in WordPress admin didn’t appear to be happening because it was serving cached pages! Just something to watch out for.

  72. Twitter:
    Hello Tesur
    Ya blog loading speed is a critical factor for engaging readers .Thanks fro the list of plugin.Nice collection and knowledge of plugin.Thanks again for sharing these.
    Mahendra recently posted..Ways to reduce cell phone bill :easy and effectiveMy Profile

  73. Hi Tesur,
    please tell me that Plugin Performance Profiler works with every version of wordpress or not?
    Jessie B recently posted..Top 10 Hollywood Highest Paid Actors in 2013 | highest paid hollywood actorsMy Profile

  74. Twitter:
    W3 Total Cache requires CDN for maximum Performance. Are there any Free CDN’s Available? What is the Exact role of CDN?
    Ravi recently posted..Future of Artificial Intelligence for SmartphonesMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Normally when a user visits your blog they are redirect to your web server and if you have high volume of traffic, it can can overload your server which may lead to a slow loading blog or even server crash. On the other hand, if you are using CDN your static content like CSS, JS and images are cached and stored on a network of servers so when a user visits your blog the CDN technology instead of redirecting them to your original server, redirects them to the closest server to their location. Thus reducing the load time and even save bandwidth.

      If you are looking for a free CDN, you should try Cloudflare. This what I am using on my blog
      Tesur Rajan recently posted..How To Be More Productive As A Blogger?My Profile

  75. Amandeep Singh Nagpal says:

    Well, WordPress hogs your resources as the no. of plugins are increased, But, If you optimize your Blog, then everything works perfectly. Nice Collection of Plugins, Thanks.

  76. Alex Zemkus says:

    Great post Tesur,

    great post and good information. I will try out the P3 and SmushIt plugins. Thanks, greatly appreciated your tips.

  77. hello
    the plugins u had mentioned here are really nice and will help me for my blof to seep it up .will share it wid my other blogger friends too
    thnx for this nice share
    vishvast recently posted..Top 5 free calling apps for androidMy Profile

  78. I tried DB optimizer and it works great! Thanks for the advice!
    Jason recently posted..Can P90x Increase Your Nitric Oxide Levels?My Profile

  79. Twitter:
    Do plugins allow the site if they are not switched on? Whilst my site is becoming established I like to try out different plugins and themes.
    Jason Luck recently posted..Amazon Cloud Player – premiumMy Profile

  80. Twitter:
    Hey Tesur Rajan
    As per your post, you are absolutely right that we need to decrease the load time of our website so that visitors stay longer. You are suggesting some plugins. and I want to say i aready using one of them but i had a some confusion in my mind that which plugin works more better” Wp Super Cache or W3 Total Cache “? I am using Wp super cache plugin.
    Chetan Gupta recently posted..How to Plan a Website in Few Easy StepsMy Profile

  81. Twitter:
    Thanks for this info.
    surely i implement this knowledge in my blog..

  82. Abhijit C says:

    I want to point out one important issue that I faced with wp-total chache plugin. I installed it in my eCommerce website and minified the javascript and css with the help of this tool. However I found that my shopping cart functionality was broken after minifying the javascript. When I uninstalled the plugin my shopping cart worked like earlier.

    My conclusion is – even though this plugin is quite useful, you need to use it carefully so that other plugins should not get disturbed with its presence.

  83. Twitter:
    Definitely W3 Total Cache is one of the best plugins out there. I use it on every blog and won’t change it for a long time because it also includes CDN options and minify.
    Servando Silva recently posted..How FAST is your blog and how many visitors are you LOSING?My Profile

  84. Hi! thanks for the great post. Can you use WP3 Total Cache and the WP Database Optimizer at the same time?

  85. Thanks for letting me know you can use both at the same time. I tried using the WP3 Cache, but then all of my photos disappeared, so I deactivated it. Do you know what could have happened?

  86. Twitter:
    I like W3 Total cache the most and that plugin is working very good for me and i recommend it too.
    Gautam recently posted..Download WhatsApp For Pc,WhatsApp For Windows 7/8My Profile

  87. Twitter:
    No info for cloudflare? Or you just including it with the addons that already have it?

  88. Twitter:
    Most promosing wordpress caching plugin is W3 Super cache and it also fasts up all my blog. MaxCDN is also good!
    Jafar Dhada recently posted..Whatsapp for PC, Whatsapp for Windows 7/8/XPMy Profile

  89. Thank yo for sharing this good list of plugins with their download link.This post made comparison and decision taking easy ….

  90. Twitter:
    Hi Harish, I am glad you like my plugin collection . Just give them a try and share your experience with us.

  91. Im using few of these plugins at one of my sites. I didn’t know about W3 minify and P3 profiler until I read this post. Thanks for the wonderful information

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