5 reasons You Should Switch to Google Chrome

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Ever wonder how there are always those people that have no issues when it comes to internet browsing? And how they are always able to enjoy great internet experiences with minimal browser related problems? As compared to you, baffled and entwined in a tangle of browser crashes, web tracking cookies enabling computer monitoring, and most annoyingly; slow speeds. So instead of rummaging through internet accelerators and utilities or wasting precious time and money at a computer professional’s, there is a much easier solution to your headache; switch browsers!

The latest version of Google Chrome may very well be able to assist you. Or if you’re already a Chrome user, then perhaps you’re unaware of the features it offers which enable you to enjoy a more stress free browsing experience. For those of you who need a push to start using it, here are 5 reasons to take the plunge:

1.       Apps on Your Browser. No other browser offers this feature. With in-browser apps, one can run all the apps that you use with your tablet and iPhone. Plus point is that using Chrome as your app host; you won’t be prey to the dreaded iPhone spyware at least. This reduces the number of apps being run on your desktop and gives your hardware a break resulting in a better functioning of your PC all round. SO now you can use Gmail, YouTube as well as play Angry Birds all direct on the browser. To use this all one has to do is click the

apps link which appears at the bottom of the page when you open a new tab.

2.       One entry box for all. Chrome allows you to use the Google search engine as well as a URL navigator all in one text box. Its prediction features offer suggestions the moment you start typing based on most popular searches as well as your browsing history. So no, you don’t need to open a search engine every time you remember something you need to search. You can do it all on the same page.

3.       Advanced Sync Settings. The best part about having a smart browser is that it keeps tabs of things you do online so you don’t have to. With the advanced sync options that Chrome offers, you can work on one system and switch to another (such as an iPhone with Chrome installed) without losing your open tabs, apps, bookmarks, and browser settings.

4.       Default starter page. You can adjust Chrome’s settings to open to a specific web page every time you launch it. You can have multiple pages open on each tab or you can have a completely blank slate greet you every time you re-start, the choice is all yours and is up to you to use it to the effect that irks you the least. The best part is being able to launch more than one at a time, saving you time and monotony from the task.

5.       Customized Google Search. For this all you have to do is get the DuckDuckGo-Zero Click info plug-in available at the Chrome Web store. With this, when you use the search engine to look for any sort of information, Google provides results which are more detailed than ever. Not only do you get links you also get facts and basic info like definitions right at the top of the page. No more having to look through lame links just to know what something is or means.

In short, using Chrome allows you to browse the internet with more speed, security, simple access and a plethora of apps and plug-ins to try out. After all there is a reason it is currently ranking as the number one browser in the world. So stop pining and switch your browser now to relieve those internet surfing anxieties.