5 Reasons You Should Install the Jetpack Plugin for WordPress

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Naser Mohd Baig

Naser Mohd Baig

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Naser Mohd Baig
Naser Mohd Baig
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Jetpack WordPress plugin

All of us use WordPress for different reasons, few among us use WordPress because they love to write and few among us use it to earn money. Whatever is the case but the main point is to minimize the time between writing portion and managing the back-end-things. Now there are certain things which we believe should be done right away after installing WordPress on a new blog and one among them is installing Jetpack WordPress plugin. Well of course, there can be lot of alternatives to Jetpack Plugin but somehow-somewhere they would be lacking. Anyway, this article is all about the Jetpack Plugin for WordPress and over the entire course of this article we’ll be explaining some of its main features so that you can get most out of it. Read on to know more.

Efficiently shows site stats

The coolest thing about the Jetpack plugin is that it shows the stats in a well-managed and efficient manner. With the Graphic Bar diagram, one can easily estimate the progress made throughout the day, week or month. It tracks all of your page views along with their sources and also shows the number of linked clicked on regular basis. The stats functionality of Jetpack is also capable of showing the referrers, Incoming Search Engine terms and top posts throughout the day.


Inbuilt Subscription and Enhanced Commenting Functionality

As a WordPress user, you may have installed or still looking for a plugin that can enhance the basic commenting functionalities. But with Jetpack you don’t have to worry about these things any more, Jetpack does it all for you. After installing Jetpack, your users will be able to sign in with social networks and can subscribe to your blog straightly through comment box. The updated commenting system will look like the image below:

Leave a reply

{editors note: commentluv wont work with jetpack comments}

Simple Sharing features

Finding a good sharing plugin is not at all an easy task. I personally have struggled a lot to find an efficient sharing plugin for my blog until I installed Jetpack. With Jetpack, social sharing button can easily be placed wherever you want and best thing you don’t have to do much hard work.

Sharing Settings

Spelling and Grammar

While typing the posts in WordPress editor, I face lot of problems with spellings and especially grammars since English isn’t my native language. But with Jetpack, I got lot of help and now my posts sounds definitely much better than before. Jetpack adds a Spell/Grammar checking button in the WordPress default editor which can be used quickly for an efficient proof reading. See the pic below.

Spelling and Grammer

Powerful Convenient Short codes

Another great feature the Jetpack offers to its users is the Short code system. With Short codes you can easily embed multimedia files like video files from YouTube, Google, Vimeo, Dailymtion; Audio files from Sound Cloud, pictures from Flickr etc. . You can see the pic below to find out the available shortcodes.

Short codes

Finally, we made it out to five but still there is lot of features that we want to you to explore yourself. Think Jetpack as a plugin pack which adds up a lot of functionalities and keep you away from the pain installing individual plugin separately. Anyway, do let us know your favorite WordPress Jetpack plugin feature through comments.