5 Nifty Tools for Internet Marketers

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Noel Addison Agnote
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Noel Addison Agnote
Noel Addison Agnote
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Internet marketing is hard.  Give up now.

Just kidding”¦about the second part.

To prove my point, just look at the thousands if not millions of blog that has been gathering virtual dust.  These sites were forsaken by owners who found out that making money online is not easy.  Fortunately, there are plenty of tools we can use to make internet marketing easier.

List building or the process of gathering email addresses or any contact details from your site visitors is one thing that all bloggers should be doing as it can be used in a variety of ways to generate money.  There are several email marketing service providers out there that you can use.

Aside from that, there are other simple tools that can prove to be very helpful for internet marketers like you.  Take for example


1.  Screenr (screenr.com).

What Is It?

A web-based screen recorder.

How Can It Help You?

It should be common knowledge that video marketing is one thing that can help you promote your website or brand.  Now, if you do not have a good camera to record a session, you can start with creating tutorials using this screen recorder.  It is web based so you do not have to install anything on your computer.


2.  Bounce (bounceapp.com)

What Is It?

An application for capturing screenshots of a whole webpage.

How Can It Help You?

Aside from capturing a snapshot of a webpage, did I mention that it also allow you to post comments or notes?  This is great when working with a web designer.  You do not need

to use an image editing software to highlight parts of the page that you want to be revised.


3. FollowUpThen (followupthen.com)

What Is It?

An email reminder.

How Can It Help You?

Internet marketing is a lot of things going on at once.  It is not of course surprising that many internet marketers forget something that needs to be done.  FollowUpThen allows you to send them a message which would tell them when to poke you to follow up on the subject.  The nifty formatting of email addresses makes this a convenient tool to use.  Say if you need to follow up on something after two weeks, just email them at 2weeks@followupthen.com.  After two weeks, a reminder would be sent to you.


4. FaxZero (faxzero.com)

What Is It?

A free fax service.

How Can It Help You?

Well, you do not need to buy a fax machine for starters.  Even if internet marketing is all about, well, the internet, don’t forget about offline marketing too.  A time might come when you need to send a fax to someone and instead  of going out of the office or your home to use a neighbor’s fax machine, you can just use this free service.


5. Sendoid (sendoid.com)

What Is It?

An application for file sharing.

How Can It Help You?

If you own an online store and you are outsourcing content generation, you would have to supply the information that the freelancers need.  This little application allows you to send large files securely.  It uses the peer-to-peer system which means your files would not be uploaded to a server.  This is very important especially if you are sending important files.  You can even set a password to make it even more secure.


So there you go five nifty tools you might find a use for.  Have you used these services before?  Any feedback, tips, and tricks you may want to share?