5 killer ways to become a productive blogger

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productive blogger

“Blogging isn’t as easy as it sounds” . This is what one ( most newbie’s as a matter of fact ) feels after one get into blogging. Well, this isn’t all true. Things look easy when you find some success with it. Blogging like any other work needs to be made productive to find success with. No work gets productive all by itself. The same holds good in blogging a well. But the intricacy is  – “How ? How do I make blogging productive ?”

You can be a highly (atleast reasonably) productive blogger if you acquaint yourself with few fruitful tactics which most successful bloggers insist on. Read on to know some such killer ways to shoot up your productivity as a blogger.

Become a productive blogger

1. Team Up

You can make the best of blogging when you gets into it fulltime. But most, for obvious reasons, resort to blogging as a money making sidekick to their fulltime desk job. And this exactly is the classic catch 22 that intimidates you (the blogger) and dramatically trims your productivity. Ultimately, you end up thinking that productive blogging requires you to give all your time.


I say “No”.

Blogging can be lucrative to you inspite of it being your part-time take-up.

How ?

Team up !

Yes. Blogging is an amalgamation of numerous tasks like designing, promoting, content writing, auditing, etc. You might sometimes not be good at all of these. Or might not be interested equally in all areas. Also, handling each task all by yourself may take lots of time, which you obviously are short of. Rather, hire expertise in each area and make a team. This way each task happens on time and at best. Some people you can team up with are content writers, graphic designers and web developers. Concentrate on what you do best and find people for the rest.


Research is one of the most vital phases of making a blog. Search for something related to blogging and you’ll find that the subject is so extensive that you most probably keep surfing and surfing. This will cause more harm to your productivity than being of help. Jot down the aspects that you wish to implement in your blog when you set out on research. Then grab one at a time, research upon it further and implement it then and there. Then move to the next, learn it, do it. This way you convert all that you learn into action and not just read pointlessly. Just focus on what matters to you and you blog. Snub the rest.

3. Isolate

Yes. You read it right. Isolate yourself. Get away with futile social contacts, those that hinder your productivity. Be it the idiot box (T.V) or any addictive gadgets (audio players, game stations, cell phones). Log off from all your social networking accounts like linked in, facebook, etc. Deactivate your e-mail notifications. All of these make great baits to get us off our work, any work. Hence try keeping away from such distractions for as long as you intent to work on your blog.

4. Pitch your tent

Make yourself as comfortable as possible. Is it lying wide on the bed with your lappy while your typing? So be it. You can get the most out of yourself when you be yourself. Surround yourself with things you like and discard the ones that you detest or are useless. Establish a separate work area where you feel at easy. The environment must be such that you are it peace and your ideas flow. Having things organized, be it you desktop or your desk, matter a lot. Ventilate the work station reasonably.

5. Use Tech

Tecmaking use of technology hnology is coming handy everywhere. Even in blogging. Get yourself acquainted with software for bloggers. There are thousands to name. Each helps the blogger the in its own way. Also you need to ensure that you keep yourself updated with new or changing technologies. For this, you can follow few sites (yes – just few good ones) that pertain to blogging and also your niche. Some common software that help you as a blogger are – Evernote, Windows Live writer, Disqus , AWeber, Focus booster. Some allow you to manage time, some let you produce great looking content, while some others let you snap you ideas instantly and save it for future retrieval. Remember, blogging is a world of tech. It needs you to be tech savvy to turn blogging productive.

Try using these obvious, yet often ignored tactics and see the change yourself. Let us know your ideas for productivity in the comments. We may get to learn something from you as well.