Top five SmartPhone Apps to Keep Your Child Safe

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Thousands of children go missing and this is the story of each and every year. Recent report has revealed that in every 3 minutes a child goes missing, and all these are getting much worse day by day. In mere just a second now a day a child can be removed from the watchful eyes of a parent and in just few hours could be removed out of state or even out of country.

With the current developments in technology one of the better ways to keep your child safe is using your smartphones. We are very much aware of the fact that Smartphone are having GPS capabilities or data connections.

Let’s learn about few SmartPhone apps to keep your child safe in vivid situations.

Sygic Family

This is a wonderful app which allows you to check the battery levels and the real time locations of your close ones. You can check out periodically where your children are or if they have arrived to destination safely.


What beneficial is that it helps in sending free messages if internet connections are available. It provides setting of safe and unsafe zones. You will be notified whenever you come across any of these zones. It comes with an SOS button which helps in sending your exact location and it is one of the most popular  SmartPhone apps .


It is quite similar with the above mentioned app like GPS locations of family members, alert or panic buttons with preset safety zone. It helps in checking your location history also where is the nearest emergency hospitals or police stations etc. Like Sygic, it allows group chatting.

If you don’t have a smart phone you can still use it in cell phones at a certain rate. It sends text messages and once they consent on it your location will be tracked and again sent back to you.So this is not enlisted in a genuine SmartPhone apps as it works on other cellphones also.



This is one of the beautiful SmartPhone apps to keep your child safe. What different from others is it helps in keeping your child safe online. It will allow keeping an eye on your child’s facebook feed. You will be alerted any time when they are tagged on their friend’s photos if they are under bullying or use of crude language. MamaBear team is working on doing the same for Twitter and Instragram profiles.

When they are offline you will receive alerts regarding their movements where they are heading to where they need to be picked up or if they are driving over high speed limit.

Google latitude

It is not considered as like all other SmartPhone apps but is more of a tracking tool. It helps in tracking your family members on a map where it is easy to keep in touch with them. You just have to sign into Google latitude and then start adding your family members through their Gmail contacts. After they accept you will get their location on your map. You will get their locations every time whether they are online or not. This is not restricted to family members only but you can always check about others also.

Mobile Kids

This is quite an interesting app for parents as they will get to know if their children are using phones at the middle of the night or when they download a new Smartphone apps or an unrecognized contact.



So these apps will surely not let you down and these are the best  SmartPhone apps to keep your child safe. As there is always a room for improvement you can share your views in the comment section. 


  1. Twitter:
    These apps are basically available for Android and i OS. Do you have something for Windows Phone?
    Praveen Bhardwaj recently posted..Twitter turns Seven Year Old todayMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    First of all thanks praveen for appreciating my post yes I will soon come up with a new post on which I will emphasize on Windows Phone, so you need not have to worry just keep visiting this blog for more valuable tips
    Jaykrishna recently posted..Become A Fan of S. Pradeep Kumar From Hellboundbloggers.comMy Profile

  3. Awesome post! Great way to keep the family safe!

  4. Twitter:
    Nice article! I have a child and I know the importance of keeping him safe from any danger. It is good to know each and every possibility to take care of him, even with phone applications.

  5. Twitter:
    I can see teenagers hating these apps.
    Leslie Edwards recently posted..The Basics On How To Make Electronic Music: Drum LoopsMy Profile

  6. These apps are really helpful for kids. As today every kid of small age have its own mobile. Every parent should install these apps in their mobile for their protection only.

  7. Twitter:
    Nice to hear appreciating comments from you all
    Jaykrishna recently posted..Become A Fan of S. Pradeep Kumar From Hellboundbloggers.comMy Profile

  8. Twitter:
    Really cool collection bro
    Hamid Roshaan recently posted..4 Must have Latest Tech Gadgets of 2013My Profile

  9. i used mamabear before..i must say this is a great application..
    Anyways..great idea about remaining 4 apps..but will surly give them a try..

  10. Twitter:
    the above are very good apps for children at present every child is using mobile by using above apps the child can get protected
    sai recently posted..What are Concatenate Strings in C?My Profile

  11. Twitter:
    With 3 kids this is really helpful, you really need to keep them safe online.
    Jay recently posted..AGA-T Pyrex tankMy Profile

  12. some mobile operators give such option to navigate your child with the help of your smartphone. You install this app to your and your child phone (no matter what phone your kid has) and on maps you see where your kid is.. i guess this is genius app!
    Evan recently posted..Best WordPress Themes with Slider 2013My Profile

  13. Twitter:
    Scary figures that you talk about there.

    The world can be an awful place sometimes.
    Chris recently posted..Internet Marketing Resources for New Internet MarketersMy Profile

  14. Though I don’t have any kids, these apps are great for every parent.
    Rohan Shankar recently posted..Best Graphics Card for Gaming Under Rs 10,000 for Best PerformanceMy Profile

  15. Twitter:
    Indeed great useful apps for every parents! But teenagers are surely going to very aware and hate these apps.

  16. Twitter:
    Anything that keeps children safe is a good thing by me. Thanks for posting this.

  17. I think it will be useful if we will use it specially for our kids now days, but the problems that childrens can manipulate parents because they are more experienced in thechnolgy more than parents. o they can close these apps for example or remove it from they smartphone :)

  18. Yasir Khan says:

    Developing smartphone apps has become an important part of the world of technology. They make life easier, more convenient, safer and more entertaining.

  19. Ponsel Terbaru says:

    Smartphone technology developing have made everything can be access in easily way, therefore parent should control their childreen regularly, but with this apps can help them to save their childs.

  20. Twitter:
    yes, child safety is very important.. but yeah new generation is very smart and dey r gonna knw abt this stuff..
    harshi recently posted..World’s Smallest Mobile Charger !My Profile

  21. Interesting article Jay. These apps can get out of trouble the parents. I hope these smartphone applications are used between parents and children and not between couples! Sometimes useful intentions are used in a wrong way :P
    elena_anne recently posted..7 Myths about WalkingMy Profile

  22. This is second time I am commenting on this blog. Mr. Jay thanks for sharing this usefull applicactin that have secuirty for our childeren. It is really bad news that in 3 mints one child is missing. I don’t know what facts. SO I don’t know where these child are going and who is doing this.

    But now it is good that we can safe them..
    Jeff Smitth recently posted..Health insurance in SWMy Profile

  23. Basically All Google Apps Or Software is useful for anyone, and from this article I got another apps for smartphone (or just we called android or iOS), very helpful article to find top smartphone apps for child safe.

  24. Twitter:
    Jaykrishna Thanks for the awesome applications .
    Already know a couple of them, going to try out the remaining one.
    srikanth recently posted..Ranz MIni USB Powered Speaker at 44% Off. Buy it for Rs.250/-My Profile

  25. Twitter:
    That sounds pretty cool, with the help of these smart phone app we can keep our children safe. I wasn’t aware about these apps. Thanks.
    Lalita Bisht recently posted..Search Industry Predictions for the Rest of 2013My Profile

  26. wemo shey says:

    There is no argument about the child’s safety being the most important for every parent, but no app can ensure the safety of a child. On the other hand it can serve as a good tracker to find your child if he/she is missing without troubling the police.

  27. Twitter:
    hahaha awesome. Surely recommending this to my mom. Very helpful indeed. :P
    Ashay Mhatre recently posted..Top 5 Drawing Apps for AndroidMy Profile

  28. Twitter:
    Nice post JayKrishan and Thanks for sharing such useful post and I really enjoyed this post while reading and after reading this post I am surely gonna download apps you mentioned above.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Love Stories Of All TimeMy Profile

  29. I really enjoyed this post………………………………it’s very nice thanks for sharing …

  30. Rajkumar Jonnala says:

    this is an awesome information to control the children and making their limits… thanks for sharing such type of information with us..

  31. Twitter:
    I am used too with life 360 app and i must say to all the moms and dads to download this app on your phone.
    Jaykrishna, Thanks for sharing

  32. Twitter:
    Google Latitude works out well..Thanks for the post..
    Suraj recently posted..Yankees VS Orioles 14/04/2013 ResultsMy Profile

  33. Twitter:
    hello jaykrishna ..awesome list i must say.these are some really cool apps
    prabhat recently posted..Temple Run Vs Subway Surfers: Which One is Better Game?My Profile

  34. Deepak Mehra says:


    These app i much needed to me!! it’s really useful information for me!!

    thanks for share with me!!

  35. Twitter:
    hello jaykrishna
    these are really nice apps. almost everyone uses smartphones today so we should download these apps for security purposes. thanks for sharing this post with us
    raj recently posted..Temple Run for PC Free Download for Computer, AndroidMy Profile

  36. Hello jaykrishna,
    Thanks for sharing this collection of apps, I am sure parents like me will like it,

  37. Twitter:
    Hai Jay,
    That was really an awesome post. It helps us to took care of my children safely.This post helps to alots of parents .Thanks alot to share..
    sasirekha recently posted..How To Root Sony Xperia Tablet S (SGPT121 US Model)My Profile

  38. Twitter:
    Child safety is always the most significant for every parent, I think these apps are truly helpful and all anxious parents should install these apps in their mobile for the protection of their child. But it’s looks like spying on kids. What you think?
    somon recently posted..Turbo racing 3D for pc Windows 8 7 XP MAC ComputerMy Profile

  39. Twitter:
    That was really an awesome post. It helps us to took care of my children safely.
    Thanks for sharing !
    Preet recently posted..Best Smartphone 2015My Profile

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