How to Keep Dogs from Barking All Night

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How to keep your dog from barking at night

Many experienced dog trainers are often asked how to keep dogs from barking all night. There are certainly ways to stop a pup from yapping on and on at inconvenient hours, but to do so the reason the dog is barking must be addressed.

Barking for attention

Outdoor pets often bark to get attention; they are no different than a child who acts out to draw attention. The lonely dog feels that any attention is better than none. Be sure that you are giving your best friend enough affection. Make sure he feels loved and that you spend a little time with him before bedtime; that alone often does the trick.

High-energy breeds like Jack Russell terriers and beagles will bark if they do not get enough exercise. Oftentimes a long walk before bedtime will stop the unwanted barking. The dog gets his much-needed exercise and gets tired and wants to sleep. It’s a win/win situation.

Barking will certainly occur if your dog hears something stirring outside. Just as white noise soothes humans that are disturbed by noises in their sleep, it soothes canines too. Try leaving the

TV on a static channel, and you may see a dramatic difference.

Many dogs are generally quiet until they see something outside. This happens in more suburban or rural areas. The simple solution is to draw the draperies, pull down the shades or close the blinds at bedtime.

Some pet owners close their bedroom door to keep the pet out at night. This is when the barking begins. Buy a crate that is roomy enough for your pup. Put a nice, soft blanket inside and a rawhide treat. Do this every night, and the dog will soon accept the crate as his bedroom and be quite happy to go to his own bedroom.

Barking mad

There are some pooches that will bark incessantly at night for no reason at all. Great lengths should be taken to find the cause. If you can’t determine a reason, you might resort to using a bark collar to correct the behavior. First, try a spray collar; these are not harmful for the pet. The collar will spray citrus when the puppy barks more than twice. He will not like the scent of the citrus spray and shut up as soon as he realizes that barking creates the odor.

So, how to keep dogs from barking all night? Find the reason for the barking and you will have the answer.