5 Easy Ways to Stop Dog Nipping for Good

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Dog nipping is a common problem faced by countless pet owners. Learn how to prevent this behavior from ever happening again by reading this guide. Surely, dog nipping is a behavior that pet owners like you are all too familiar with – this behavior that is exhibited through the playful biting, licking and mouthing of […]

Pet loss: 3 steps for coping with the death of a pet

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Pet loss is one of the most difficult things you can experience as the caretaker of an animal companion. The grief after the loss of a pet can be overwhelming, and you might be surprised how deeply you are grieving after losing your animal companion and faithful friend. Because the love you shared with your […]

Awesome Videos of the Week – Installment 3

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Eyern provides the Best YouTube Videos online. The 8 videos below are a sample of some of the Awesome videos uploaded daily on the site. We truly hope you enjoy these videos: Baby Goat Saved by Pig A baby goat with its foot stuck under water is saved by a pig at a petting zoo. […]

Top 3 Reasons People Don’t Adopt A Black Dog or Cat

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Three Reasons Black Dogs & Cats Are Overlooked in the Pet Adoption Process It is unfortunately true, but people are less likely to adopt a black dog and black cat, opting for other colors of pets. In my own experience as a volunteer at a cat shelter, even the most adorable, cuddly, and friendly black […]

Find the Right Food for Your Dog – 7 Tips for Healthy Feeding

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The people in your home aren’t the only ones who need to be concerned with the foods being eaten. Your pet’s health is directly related to the food you put in his dish, and because he can’t open the fridge on his own, he is relying on you to make healthy feeding choices. Use these […]

Teaching Children Responsible Dog Ownership through Puppy Love

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I can remember as a child sitting in my room fantasizing about what my grown up world would look like. I would have a husband because all the mommies I knew had husbands. We would have three children because that’s how many my mom had and of course we would have a dog because I […]

Preparing Your Puppy for Training Success the First Week

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Perhaps the most important aspect in training your puppy occurs during the first week at your house. It’s a new environment, new family, new everything and your puppy will observe his surroundings to see how things are done. Everything your puppy is allowed to do during this first week outlines acceptable behavior in your house. […]

How To Train Your Dog Using Treats

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One of the best ways to encourage your dog to respond to your commands is to encourage positive behavior with treats. When you dangle a treat in front of your dogs’ nose he or she is much more likely to respond positively. Treats are an amazing way to instill positive reinforcement of the types of […]

The Countdown to College: Preparing Your Child for College

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Preparing Your Children for College: My Top Five “Get Ready for College” List: I had a minor freak-out the summer before my daughter left for college. I had tried to teach her to be responsible. She knew how to do her laundry, cook a simple meal and clean the toilets. But had I taught her […]

Giving Pets as Gifts: 5 Things to Consider

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Giving Pets as Gifts – Is it a Good Idea? “Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.” -George Eliot Adorable puppies and cuddly kittens are frequent gifts in movies. These pets are always met with squeals of delight and the gift plan never backfires. In real life, however, […]