Find the Right Food for Your Dog – 7 Tips for Healthy Feeding

puppy chihuahua and food bowl

The people in your home aren’t the only ones who need to be concerned with the foods being eaten. Your pet’s health is directly related to the food you put in his dish, and because he can’t open the fridge on his own, he is relying on you to make healthy feeding choices. Use these […]

Teaching Children Responsible Dog Ownership through Puppy Love

Boy loving his puppy dog

I can remember as a child sitting in my room fantasizing about what my grown up world would look like. I would have a husband because all the mommies I knew had husbands. We would have three children because that’s how many my mom had and of course we would have a dog because I […]

Preparing Your Puppy for Training Success the First Week

playing puppies

Perhaps the most important aspect in training your puppy occurs during the first week at your house. It’s a new environment, new family, new everything and your puppy will observe his surroundings to see how things are done. Everything your puppy is allowed to do during this first week outlines acceptable behavior in your house. […]