How To Increase Battery Life Of Android Phones

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Jeet Dholakia
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Android is the most popular and mostly used mobiles operating system around the world and the importance of android is increasing day by day. if you are a owner of any android smartphone than one problem is common and that is “Low Batter life of the device“. it happens with every single user of smartphone so not a new thing. in morning you have fully charged your devices and by coming to afternoon you noticed that hardly 20%-15% battery is remaining and that’s very annoying.

So i will explain you and provide you some basic and advance tips to improve the performance of battery life, so without talking much more about it lets straight away go to the main topic and discuss the various ways through which you can improve/increase the battery life of your android device.

Increase Battery Life Of Android

Increase Battery Life Of Android

How To Increase Battery  Life of Android :

Follow the below mentioned steps and you will surely get some improvement in the battery life with effective performance.

  • Reduce Screen Brightness :

Screen brightness is the main part which consumes lots of battery and due to this you face low battery life. by default the “Automatic Brightness” box is checked so first thing to do is un-check that box and reduce it to the lower level so the brightness consume not that much battery. you can do by going to Settings >> Display >> Brightness >> And Reduce it to the lower level.

  • Power Saving Mode :

It’s always recommended to use power saving mode because this feature provides some excellent result in terms of increasing battery life. you can activate it by going to Settings >> Display >> Power Saving Mode >> Check it.

  • Screen Timeout :

Another way you can save the batter is by reducing the screen timeout time. normally it comes by default with 15 Seconds which you can reduce it to 5 Seconds. so that much battery power will be saved. you can do this by going to Settings >> Display >> Screen Timeout.

  • Don’t Use Live Wallpapers :

The greatest feature of android is it supports live wallpaper and the look

of this wallpaper is just great to watch but this is one of the disadvantages also because it consumes lots of battery power due to its high graphics. so its always advisable to use normal wallpaper instead of live wallpaper.

  • Connectivity :

Android has lots of connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Data Network, Bluetooth, GPRS and GPS. so due to high usage of this the battery gets drained. so its batter that you toggle off this option when its not required. also in Data Network select 2G instead of 3G. and when the its not required tunr it off.

  • Home Screen and Widgets :

The android home screen has 4 to 7 screen and sometimes which are of no use to have that much home screen. so remove the unnecessary screens. another thing is if you place too many widgets on home screen it will reduces the battery power. so use less widget and remove unnecessary home screens.

  • Background Data and Sync :

its Highly recommended that to turn off the background data and sync so it will reduces the load of direct connectivity. background data and sync required your device to be connected all the time to receive notifications and updates and due to this only the battery gets drain.

  • Vibration Mode :

If possible only use vibration in silent mode. when you are using normal mode its advisable to not to activate vibration mode because it has also impact on the battery life.

  • Some Apps which can help you :

In android market there are many apps available to solve this problem but i strongly recommends only two apps :

  1. Juice Defender.
  2. Easy Battery Saver + Task Killer.

Juice Defender is all time favorite and many people are using it. it has many battery saving mode which you can activate and see the improvement in the performance as on the other way Easy Task Killer has also modes that you can switch to and use it but along with that they provide task killer also so that you can close all unnecessary application which are running in background. but i recommend you to NOT to use and task killer apps because they them self contains lots of batter power.

These are the some basic tips that you can implement to improve or increase the battery performance of your android device and i have also tell you the apps which you can surely try out to see what you are getting from this apps.

If you have any suggestions or any issues do leave a comment below and i will be happy to help you all. do share this articles with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. 


  1. Twitter:
    first of all we have to turnoff Bluetooth Wifi by this way we can increase battery life even by closing all applications we can increase our battery life
    sai recently posted..What are Concatenate Strings in C?My Profile

  2. I am sure everyone would agree that the battery life of any smartphone is real pain. The tips you mentioned are really helpful.
    Shimu recently posted..Best Android Apps – ProductivityMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Very nice tips for to increase battery life of android phones. looking forward to use it. Thanks for sharing
    Muneeb Ahsan recently posted..How to disable startup programs in windows 8My Profile

  4. Twitter:
    most effective way is reducing the screen brightness thanks for great info.
    does any one knows a battery that extend for a week or something that would be awesome my tablet just live for 20 hrs :)
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  5. Twitter:
    Great article..Battery life has always been a problem for android phones. and this article will help us for more battery life.
    Fer recently posted..How To Fix Bluestacks Graphics Card Error 25000My Profile

  6. Twitter:
    My android device has great battery and it doesnt mean that every android phone is good. research shows that Android eats too much battery while windows is a good alternative but lack of apps is a reason why windows sucks
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  7. Twitter:
    Using GPRS consumes a lot of battery. I agree with you using Juice Defender :) I have been using Juice Defender and i could say this is the best tool to save more battery.
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