Get more done with an Italian tomato <- eh?

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Sometimes, crazy things happen for a reason.

You don’t know the reason until much later when you look back.

If you’re lucky, you can feel it happening in real time. You can see the change about to happen in the corner of your third eye.

It’s like when you catch the cup falling off the table, did you react to the cup falling and move your hand or did you start to move your hand before the cup moved so you had enough time to get there?

Kinda like a spidey sense.

Well, my spidey sense has been tingling all this week while I went through another email course thingy.

I had deja vu, epiphanies and virtual head slaps galore.

They all meant that change is required, I need to do some moving about in my head/life/routine so that I don’t fall in to the trap of ‘meh’

Italian Tomatoes?

haha, ever heard of the pomodoro technique?

The basic unit of work in the Pomodoro Technique® can be split in five simple steps:

* Choose a task to be accomplished
* Set the Pomodoro to 25 minutes (the Pomodoro is the timer)
* Work on the task until the Pomodoro rings, then put a check on your sheet of paper
* Take a short break (5 minutes is OK)
* Every 4 Pomodoros take a longer break

go and google it if you want to know more or download the free ebook. (pomodoro is Italian for tomato)

it is basically a way to get the most out of your time and it is something I did during the preparation to launch CommentLuv Premium.

I followed Jeff Walkers take on it from PLF 3.1 (product launch formula) and did 40/20/40 (40 minutes on and 20 minutes off and then another

40 minutes of focused work)

It’s amazing how much you can get done in just two 40 minute blocks if you just switch off the email, skype, phone and anything else that sucks your time.


for some unknown reason I stopped doing it. Perhaps I thought things would be amazing forever without doing the thing that made things amazing?.. (yeah it seems stooopid now but just you wait, you’ll do it too one day)

I’m reclaiming mornings

I’m going to stop living a reactionary life in the morning.

It’s my absolute best brain time. No distractions, no noise (it’s hella noisy working above a Chinese takeout shop when it’s open) and above all the hot shower I just had makes my brain all warm and squidgy which is just perfect for creating things.

So I am not going to check my email in the morning like I normally do.

I am not going to react to everything and instead, I am going to focus on specific things that I want to get done and will do them.

there, I said it.

You wont feel a thing

Luckily I live on the other side of the world to most of the people that email me so probably they wont even know I didn’t reply to them immediately at 4am their time and my reward is getting.shit.done.

I’m going to work on the tasks that this latest and greatest course thingy says to do and I’m gonna do it all the way.

It might take a few weeks to get it all done but seriously, I have a good feeling about all this.

it just feels ‘right’

like when I decided to make commentluv a premium plugin.

A couple of things are going to happen in the next few weeks (among the other things I do)

I’m gonna be writing some emails and not all of them are going to try and sell things. Some will, but not all.

I wont send them to everyone.

that’s what I’ve been learning.

work smarter, not harder.

(it still means working though so that’s where the Italian tomatoes come in to it – capiche?)

Live long and prosper (lots)