Engagement – the new Google ranking?

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There’s been a lot of talk about how Google ranks websites since the Penguin and Panda updates.

Many people are talking about how engagement and social media is helping Google decide what is relevant when it comes to deciding whose web pages to put at the top of the search results.

More than links…

There was a time when all you had to do to rank a post was to sprinkle some well placed links to it on other sites.

It was this that spawned the whole comment and trackback spam movement. The more links you had to your page, the higher it ranks.

And comments and trackbacks cost nothing.

There isn’t any discernible difference in cost between an automated script sending 1 spammy comment and sending 1 million spammy comments.

and all of them with a link back to their site..

Well, that is all changing.

.. and for the good of everyone. (except those that don’t adapt or fail to protect themselves)

Links still count of course but some bigger fish are being put in to play..

Who is interacting with your content?

So now that it’s out there that Google is counting the engagement on your content and how it appears elsewhere on social sites, it’s more important than ever to encourage interaction with your blog posts.

The same spammers who wrote scripts to leave comments on your sites tried writing some that left comments on their own sites! (yes it’s true, I’ve seen the plugin sales pages) just to fake interaction with their sites.

The reason they didn’t work was because Google is not stupid.

They are everywhere, thanks to their free analytics services and free email, social, bookmarking and tons of other services they are able to literally follow you around everwhere.

Even if you’re a devout non-googler who refuses to use gmail or G+ (they probably have tin foil hats and lots of cats 😛 ), you can’t go anywhere without touching a google property (and it learning about it)

kinda like Santa Claus, they know whose been good and whose been naughty..

More importantly, they know who those comments on your site were left by.

What you can do..

Here’s what I’ve seen that can work, it’s how you can give a little boost to your sites rankings by encouraging comments (from the right type of people).

  • Enable comments on your posts!
    Don’t make it difficult for people to tell you what they think of your content.
    That means no requirement to register to your site to comment, don’t make them jump through hoops.
  • Have a strict comments policy
    This means requiring users to use their real names.
    Not allowing spammy links
    Short, pointless comments like ‘great post thanks!’ shouldn’t be allowed
  • Interact with your commenters
    A key part of engagment ranking. The more (non spam) comments you get the better.
    If you can reply to those comments and they reply
    back then that’s engagement X2
  • Have a good anti spam plugin
    You wouldn’t want to stay and chat with someone in a messy house so don’t put people off commenting by having loads of spammy comments on your posts.
    GASP pro which is included for free with CommentLuv premium can help a lot with this
  • Visit your commenters sites
    If you have commentluv then this is easy peazy…
    Just click the little link in the comment and you’re right there on a page that almost always accepts comments.
    Go and give a little luv back to the people that are helping to rank your site, it will come back to you in spades
  • Have good content.
    Do I need to explain this?
  • … more , what have you found that you could add to this list?

New CommentLuv features that can help

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks working with my beta testers to bring about some advanced features to CommentLuv Premium that really help to bring people back to your site and continue the conversation.

ReplyMe Premium

This is a much more advanced version of the free ReplyMe plugin.

It’s a plugin that many people prefer to subscribe to comments because if a post is popular and someone subscribes to comments then they get inundated with every single comment which doesn’t really help much.

people just unsubscribe quickly or don’t even red the emails.

it’s much better to only get those emails if someone is replying to YOUR comment.

and that’s why ReplyMe does.

but it does much more than email a reply to someone..

  • It gives you a choice of whose replies trigger an email
  • It allows you to send an email to someone after they leave their first comment (like thank me later)
  • You can redirect someone to a URL of your choice after they leave their first comment. (so you can encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter or follow you on twitter)
  • Fully CANSPAM compliant by allowing people to unsubscribe from future emails

Here’s how it looks..

The new ReplyMe Premium settings page (click to expand)

It’s nearly ready for release.

Probably Monday. (unless you download it from the members beta download page).

It’s already made a MASSIVE difference to the interactions on this site.

There has always been a good number of comments on each post here but now there are replies to replies to replies!

so far everyone that is using it is loving it!

Come and give it a go by leaving a comment here, I’ll respond and you’ll get notified and you’ll see how easy it is to keep the conversation going without being bothered by emails from everyone elses replies..