Choosing a Blog Theme: Custom or Pre-made?

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Rajesh Namase
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Rajesh Namase
Rajesh Namase
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Rajesh Namase
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As a blogger, it is important to know the utility of custom and pre-made blog themes so that it becomes easy for you to choose the “appropriate one” according to your preference and liking.  Needless to say, that the blog design stands out to be the first and the foremost thing which has the potential of creating a long lasting impression. Hence, you can work towards enhancing the personality and outlook of your blog like never before.

Choose a Blog Theme

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Following are the factors which assists you towards making the decision in an easy and effective way.

Brand Image

It is important to create an image of your blog so that it becomes a brand in itself.

First impression matters a lot

It is your aim of creating an enhanced impression the first time as you plan your blog design. You equally need to generate long lasting impression. Needless to say, you want your blog to be attractive, simple as well as helpful for your visitors. Hence, formatting the design template is very important. Colors, fonts as well as placement of headers, footers and widgets need to be dealt with extreme care. A customized design template is synonymous with unique placements and it does not resemble with other blogs. Pre-made templates also facilitate you with the features and you have the luxury of changing the background along with tab colors

and fonts. However, the alterations are limited unlike in the customized design templates.


Market is flooded with various pre-made templates as they are available free of cost. Bloggers experiment with their premade templates initially and only upgrade after meeting with relative success for their blogs. On the other hand, custom theme templates come at a price. Hence, it works to its disadvantage for sure.

Availability of wide options

You have the luxury of wide options to choose from pre-made templates. Studious designers are in the regular process of adding to the range since it is absolutely FREE and users can use any template as well. Custom design templates are devoid of any collection. It is important for you to get in touch with a designer who will provide a customized blog designed according to your needs.

Essential Semantic Markup

It stands out to be a technical boost which pre-made templates are devoid of. These days’ blog designs have special codes and markup texts. Although, they are not important and relevant to your esteemed readers, yet when it comes to search engines, they hold a lot of relevance. After all, it has the potential of increasing page rank. Your designers can get the codes which is included in your customized design template. Hence, it is worth to spend for it and experience the pleasant change like never before.

Finally, your own choice matters a lot too. Although premade blog templates facilitate you with adding free design to your esteemed blog that can also be changed according to your preference and liking. However, it is enough in attracting traffic to your blog, yet does not regarded as unique. Custom design themes are comparably effective and unique and they open enough room for creativity as well. However, the price factor is the only demoralizing factor for custom theme.