Are You Addicted To Carbs?

Lianda Ludwig
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Lianda Ludwig
Lianda Ludwig
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Delicious Carbs are Hard To Resist

Do you struggle with food craving, binging and emotional eating?
Do you feel like you are addicted to carbs?

When you want to lose weight, you may think you KNOW what to do, but that’s only the first part of problem. We ALL know what we want to do, but how often are you able to consistently stay on course? People say that they have stopped addictions – like cigarette smoking, MANY times. But they have gone back to smoking one time more than they have quit. It’s the same thing with dieting.

Most people think that the way to lose weight is by cutting calories and exercising. Yes, you may lose weight in the beginning, but soon your weight loss is going to slow down to a crawl. You’ll probably get really frustrated, and think: “WHY should I eat like a rabbit, and exercise like a race horse, when I’m only losing ¼ of a pound a week??“

That’s when people give up, and go back to their regular eating habits. And slowly, but surely the weight comes back – PLUS, Punishment Pounds for going on a diet in the first place! That’s what’s called the yo-yo syndrome. You go down, you go up!

I KNOW that dieting isn’t the way to keep the weight off. If it were, why would 95% of all people regain the weight they lost within a few months to a couple of years? There are PLENTY of people with a LOT of self-discipline. The fact is, the very concept of low calorie dieting is flawed, and I never encourage anyone to go on a calorie restricted diet and increase their exercise. It’s exactly the WRONG thing to do if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

Do You Always Do The Things You KNOW You Should Do?

But the other important issue is: How do you continue to do the things you KNOW you want to do (e.g. stop eating carbs) when you are at a party, and practically ALL of the foods are high in carbs?  How do you refuse your mother in law’s specialty dish, that’s filled with the foods you are trying to avoid? How do you go out to a pizza place and find something to eat?

In essence, how do you take what you know, and make it become what you do? There’s a big gap between those two: one is in your head (knowing), and the other is in your body (doing). That is the difficulty for most people. That’s where will and won’t power; discipline, conviction are the actions you want to sustain.

Carbs ARE Addictive

For many people, eating carbs is almost like an addiction! In fact, eating carbs has a reaction in your brain that stimulates the release of serotonin. This neurotransmitter chemical promotes feelings of satisfaction and pleasure and decreases depression! This is identical to the brain process that occurs when you use addictive substances such as cigarettes and cocaine! So when you think about cutting down on carbs, it can be a difficult process if you are only going to rely on your will power and discipline!

A Technique That Actually Can Banish Addictive Behavior

Many people do not realize that there is a way to break addictions that doesn’t rely on mind over matter. It’s called EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique or meridian tapping. It’s an energy medicine practice that is finally becoming more well-known because it works! One of the best things about Tapping is that you can do it in the presence of the foods you are craving, and watch how your desire for them melts away!

EFT uses tapping points on the face and body that are associated with acupuncture points used for thousands of years by the Chinese. Although acupuncture has not been widely used in the west, more people are learning about it, and benefitting from the use of the painless, tiny needles that unblock energy that is stuck along the meridians in the body.

The Chinese have even used acupuncture to block pain during open heart surgery! So you can be assured it’s not some mind over matter, or placebo effect that’s at work.

Negative thoughts, and feelings that have become habitual can change your physiology, and change connections in your brain’s synapses which work against getting you attaining your highest well-being. Although EFT doesn’t use needles, it is self-administered (after you learn how to use it) and it is extremely effective! It’s been used to relieve pain, improve sleep, for strong emotions, PTSD, and a myriad of other causes. It’s great to help you with cravings, binging and emotional eating.

I suggest you look at Youtube videos to see how to tap. Make sure you are experiencing a strong feeling when you do your tapping series, and then watch how that carb addiction seems to become a thing of the past!



  1. I have trained for a large number of years and the biggest struggle is the decision as to whether to eat carbs or not. This is because of your body needs them in order to work hard but they are also the biggest cause of insulant which ends up turning energy into fat.

    The best thing to do is make sure you are only eating carbs if you are during training period, if you are not training then you really need to ease off the cards because they will just help make you fat!

  2. Hi,
    I’ve just come across this post. I was searching for something about carbs because of the way that some of them seem to cause a spike in blood glucose levels. Could this be why they are addictive – the need to keep getting a sugar rush?
    I’m not medically trained so I don’t know but it sounds plausible.

    • Hi Michael,
      There is so much conflicting information about what causes a rise in glucose levels. Did you know that STRESS can spike your levels?
      I tend to believe that your body is not going to have you do something that is going to make you sick, or die. So when people are craving sugar, I now believe that the body’s intelligence is having you crave something for a reason. If you’d like a completely different viewpoint on sugar, and whether it’s the great evil that so many people claim, check out It may change, or open your mind to a completely different way of viewing carbs, and sugar!
      Good luck!
      Lianda Ludwig recently posted…Avoid This Big Mistake When Eating HealthyMy Profile

  3. Hey Linda, I enjoyed reading this post. Not to be insensitive but I think i’m hungry right now! :)
    I also have a blog about certain addictions, mostly smoking and how we can help each other stop!
    Joshua Launiu recently posted…Why Certain Ways To Stop Smoking Didn’t Work For YOUMy Profile

    • Hi Joshua,
      The thing I teach people is: EAT when you are hungry, and stop when you are full! But the most important point it: is your stomach empty, or is it your heart? People eat for many reasons: boredom, sadness, anger, etc.. So if you are hungry – eat, and enjoy your food!
      Thanks for writing!
      Lianda Ludwig recently posted…Avoid This Big Mistake When Eating HealthyMy Profile

  4. Hi..Nice post..The fact of life is something thats bad for you is very addictive..Its a tough habit to break but hopefully with a bit of will power and following the tips on the post the carb addiction can definitely be overcome.
    Suraj recently posted…Saints Row 4 release date and trailer unveiledMy Profile

  5. Suraj,
    I tend to believe that your body is not going to have you do something that is going to make you sick, or die. So when people are craving sugar, I now believe that the body’s intelligence is having you crave something for a reason. If you’d like a completely different viewpoint on sugar, and whether it’s the great evil that so many people claim, check out It may change, or open your mind to a completely different way of viewing carbs, and sugar!
    Furthermore, will power can be greatly enhanced by using EFT Tapping. Try it! It works!
    Thanks for writing –
    Lianda Ludwig recently posted…Avoid This Big Mistake When Eating HealthyMy Profile

  6. I find my addiction is to cheese- just love it, but I can almost feel it furring my arteries. I am not sure about EFT to be frank. I have a friend who practises it and her efforts to stop another friend smoking had only a temporary effect. I guess you need to really want to give up an addiction before any treatment has a chance of working

  7. Hi Tracy,
    Thanks for your comment. I’d like you to know that there are MANY opposing viewpoints regarding whether cheese is a good food choice. (I’ll refer you below). But your point is wanting to give up an addiction is a good one. EFT with a skilled practitioner can help you understand the source of your need to eat cheese, or smoke. Then it’s up to you to make a conscious decision, which becomes much easier.
    As for the cheese, I say don’t fall for the Big Fat Lie- and start eating it- but mindfully, and enjoying it! Did you know that after the first few bites, you actually stop enjoying it as much? (when you’re paying attention). For more information about EFT and mindset, please come to my site and get my free report.
    Lianda Ludwig recently posted…Avoid This Big Mistake When Eating HealthyMy Profile

  8. Jessi Larson says:

    It’s always calories in calories out. that is how you will lose weight. You can eat carbs but they need to be complex carbs like whole wheat and grains. Cut out white sugar and refined carbs. Plus you can always have a cheat day and treat yourself. You can’t deny yourself all the time or you will slip up and over indulge.

  9. Jessi, I know you are sincere in believing what you have written, but your theory is “urban legend” that has become accepted despite lack of evidence. There is so much evidence, and yes, research that shows that eat less, exercise more does NOT work. I’d be happy to refer you to the research if you’d like to come to my site.
    The fact is, Nature prevents starvation by slowing down the metabolism when there is a caloric deficit. After only 48 hours, this happens, and continues to slow down as less calories are eaten. And once a person starts eating a “normal” amount of calories, the body gratefully puts them back into storage, and adds additional punishment pounds for the effort of dieting.
    This argument: eat less has been used to blame overweight people- generally by those who have never had a weight challenge. I hope you’ll be open-minded and look further into the subject.
    Most sincerely,
    Lianda Ludwig recently posted…Eating Ice-cream Causes Death by DrowningMy Profile

  10. Lianda,
    Fascinating article and discussion. There are a LOT of conflicting opinions out there about the root causes of obesity, from emotional traumas to genetics to nutritional density. I suspect that there isn’t only one root cause, but, like the human body, many factors work in concert. From a purely mathematical sense, it is true that consuming less energy than one expends leads to a loss in weight because fat stores are used to make up the difference. However, as you point out in the comments, doing that for a long period of time is extremely difficult and the tendency is to “catch up” from the deprivation by consuming more. I think the key is to find a way to consume less while at the same time keeping the metabolism high. The body will always reach for homeostasis, so that may be easier said than done. I like your idea of using EFT to help deal with the cravings that come from being nutritionally out of balance.
    Jason recently posted…Can P90x Increase Your Nitric Oxide Levels?My Profile

  11. Thanks for this informative article Lianda! I also find that processed foods, as you said especially carbs, with all the sugar or salt and fat are more addictive than real fresh foods. We never hear someone craving a plate of spinach or broccoli. Because when we are eating natural foods, sugar is consumed in much lower doses such as in fruit. But in processed foods, usually we see all three of sugar, salt and fat in excessive quantities. So, no wonder they are addictive.
    Oge recently posted…Recipes for Chicken Breast – Baked Mustard Lime ChickenMy Profile

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