Has Dieting Made You Temporarily Crazy and Permanently Heavy?


Dieting isn’t fun. If  you want to lose weight you’ve probably found that being on a diet, trying a new diet plan, eating special foods, avoiding the foods you crave is stressful and miserable. But according to doctors, “eating less and exercising more” is the only way to lose weight. Considering the paucity of research […]

Is Your Weight Problem Caused By Abuse?

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Overweight and obesity are in the news every day with claims that over 60% of people have a weight problem. Overweight people are blamed for causing their own weight issues. They’re blamed for eating too much, not exercising enough, not having enough discipline to stay on a diet. The fact is the 95% of all […]

Are You Addicted To Carbs?

Delicious Carbs are Hard To Resist

Do you struggle with food craving, binging and emotional eating? Do you feel like you are addicted to carbs? When you want to lose weight, you may think you KNOW what to do, but that’s only the first part of problem. We ALL know what we want to do, but how often are you able […]

Did Your Diet Make You Overweight?

unhappy with the scale?

Have you spent your life on a chronic diet? If you’re like me, you can look back at your life and remember the time when you first decided you were fat, and “had to” diet. Looking back at those photos I think that I wasn’t overweight, but insane! I was 126 pounds, 5’6″, and athletic. […]