6 Free and Easy Ways to Great Health

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Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Posture, Deep Breathing, Sleeping, Water, Inversion and


By Terry-Ann Coley

Our health can be vastly improved with some simple adjustments to our lifestyle. Poor lifestyle habits that have taken root in our lives lead to or worsen ailments in our bodies. Bad posture, rarely drinking water, sleep loss, shallow breathing and lack of physical activity are typical poor habits linked to modern ways of living. Below are 6 free and easy ways to great health.


Posture refers to the position of our body and all its parts. This position affects the alignment and balance of the spine, ligaments, joints, muscles, organs and much more. In poor posture (hunched shoulders, leaning forward, stomach pushed out, over-arched lower back, etc.) you are crunching up the disks of your spine and putting a lot of pressure on muscles and joints. Poor signals are also being sent through the body and reflexes are compromised as the nerves in the spinal cord are unable to carry out their processes effectively. Good posture takes the pressure off your joints and muscles, keeps your whole body aligned, engages your abs and makes you feel and look positive and confident.

Other benefits of Good Posture

  1. Prevents and relieves pain
  2. Promotes a balanced, healthy and energetic body
  3. You will look great

Now straighten up! Practice good posture while sitting, standing, driving, lifting and sleeping. Certain exercises can also help you to achieve and maintain good posture. For example, crunches, arm and torso stretches, quad strengthening and neck stretches.


Breathing is already happening without any conscious effort, so why bother with deep breathing? There are immense benefits that consciously practicing deep breathing offer:

  1. Improved blood and lymphatic circulation
  2. Greater energy level
  3. Reduced acidity of the body
  4. Happier mood
  5. Toxin release
  6. Strengthened immune system
  7. Building of muscles
  8. Better clarity, alertness and sharpness of mind
  9. Lower blood pressure
  10. Good posture
  11. Weight management
  12. Pain relief
  13. Longevity

You can schedule a deep breathing session after waking in the mornings and before sleeping at night. Breathe in deeply through your nose, hold for several seconds and breathe out through the mouth, pulling in your abdomen to release the breath and toxins faster. This technique also makes you relax instantly.


WATER IS ESSENTIAL TO OUR HEALTH. Without water every single part of our body and its functions are compromised. Our bodies are 60% to 70% water and this water is being depleted constantly through normal body functions and activities, even in sleep. We can get water from many sources, but only pure water can give us the proper hydration we need.

You don’t need to necessarily stick to the 8 glasses a day rule. Get in tune with your body to help you know when your body needs water. You can also drink water at certain specific intervals. For example, drink water when you wake, get to work, mid-morning, at lunch time, mid-afternoon and before you return home. You can have another or two when you go home, but be careful with how much you drink before bed as your sleep may be interrupted by needing to use the bathroom during the night. Pay attention to your activities and your environment (very hot, cold, congested etc.) to help you determine if your body needs water. Another method is to carry with you a 1 liter-sized bottle in the day and ensure you drink it all.


You’ve probably heard the saying ‘there will be plenty of time to sleep when you are dead.’ This should never be taken literally but as an encouragement to actively pursue your dreams. Sleep is one of the most powerful health tools we have available and should always be taken seriously. It restores our bodies, makes us more beautiful and strengthens the processes happening in our brains. As sleep can be a sensitive process, it is essential to address the inadequacies of our sleep patterns. Serotonin (sleep regulating hormone), melatonin (sleep-cycle controlling hormone), the REM and non-REM cycles and the hours we sleep are all critical sleep ingredients that give us optimal benefits.

Damaging effects of losing sleep include: physical deterioration; rapid aging; impaired concentration and memory and weight problems. In addition, we are moody, irritable and unable to concentrate for very long, making it just a really bad day.

You already sleep, so all you need to do is ensure you’re getting quality sleep.

Tips for Quality Sleep

  • Make sleep time a priority
  • Try to go to sleep between 9 and 10 pm
  • Go to bed and rise within the same 15 minute margin
  • Treat yourself well everyday(eat healthy and approach life positively)
  • Develop good habits at night that support quality sleep (don’t watch TV or use your computer too near to bedtime)
  • Create the ideal sleep room – comfort and serenity are your goals
  • Sleep on the left hand side – According to Rosalyn Patrick, sleeping on your back or front emphasizes the S-curve of your spine unnaturally. Furthermore, keeping on the left side boosts the intestinal work occurring while you sleep.


Inversion or positioning your body upside down or at least where your heart is above your head is a means to improving blood circulation, improving spine health and rapidly boosting the health of organs and systems. Just by changing around the pull of gravity, the body reaps many benefits. Headstands, handstands, backbends, downward dog, diamond pose, plough pose, rabbit pose or simply bending and touching your toes or leaning/bending back over your bed are some ways to do inversions. You can also get an inversion table, which is an easy and fun apparatus to use.

Benefits of Inversion

  1. Relieves back, spinal, shoulder and other joint problems.
  2. Anti-aging – think about it, your skin is pulled in the opposite direction (giving you an easy face lift) and fresh nutrients and oxygen are flowing to your face, scalp and hair.
  3. Better respiratory, brain, kidney and circulatory functions
  4. Boosts positivity, confidence and fearlessness
  5. Stress reliever
  6. Strengthens muscles
  7. Improves digestion
  8. Improves posture

Warning: Inversion is not recommended if you have high blood pressure and suffer from serious eye conditions.


For many of us exercise is either a dreaded task or something we just can’t find the time to fit in. While I wholeheartedly also recommend aerobic, strengthening and other types of exercises, stretching is an easy way to include health-boosting exercise into your lifestyle. Stretching can be done within a few minutes, feels and improves daily life, however busy your schedule or the types of activities you do.


  1. Healthier cardiovascular system
  2. Better range of motion
  3. Reduces pain and stress
  4. Increases flexibility
  5. Improves circulation

Tips for Good Stretching Habits

  • Schedule stretching time, such as when you get up and/or when you are going to bed.
  • Increasingly build up the time you hold stretches for: from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Be sure to do some light warm up exercises before: a little walking, dancing, whatever you enjoy.
  • Learn and practice stretches ideal for your current needs. For example: when sitting in one position too long; when you need an energy boost; to de-stress and get into sleep mode; or relieve a joint pains.
  • Hold the stretch steady, don’t bounce.
  • Stretching should not be painful and/or uncomfortable.


Patrick, Rosalyn. Detox. Geddes and Grosset 2008.


  1. Tony Nguyen says:

    Hi, Terrycol. I love your post. the information in this article is really unique and useful for me. I am meeting trouble with falling asleep, so after reading your tips, I think I can improve my condition. Yet, I am considering that whether these tips work for people at all ages because I am over 50? thanks a lot

    • Thank you Tony. I am glad you brought this up. Most of these tips should work for people of different age groups. Caution must be taken in the case of inversions, which can even be done simply by bending over and touching your toes. However, to be certain that there are no physical conditions that could be worsened by this activity, the doctor should be consulted.
      terrycol recently posted…Conquer Fear and DisappointmentMy Profile

  2. Great Recommendations – especially on the sleep, not ever get enough – usually, about midnight, i abruptly think of one more article to read (or write) and proceed into overdrive. Its all a matter of self-discipline, i guess.
    Sagar Rai recently posted…5 Best Free Widgets For Your BlogMy Profile

    • You could also sometimes try keeping a notepad near and jot down ideas you may get before falling asleep (avoid turning on computer) and then develop the article the next day.
      terrycol recently posted…DreamerMy Profile

  3. I am glad you mentioned sleeping. Most people tend to thing getting healthy is mainly about working out non stop. In reality, you burn calories when your muscles are recovering.
    Dash Eva recently posted…List of Compound ExercisesMy Profile

    • That’s so true Dash. Health requires more than just exercise and in sleep our bodies go through processes that greatly support a healthy life and improve fitness.
      terrycol recently posted…DreamerMy Profile

  4. I have had the worst back pain for the last week and it is all thanks to bad posture and very little stretching. I work on two computers with my legs crossed and bend over to type sometimes for five or more hours without getting up. My back finally said enough.

    I can attest to how important getting up and stretching is – because now I can barely get up at all with this back pain. Everyone reading this probably does a lot of sitting, so please get up and stretch before you end up a pile of mess like me who cannot get out of her house thanks to her back pain.
    Bellaisa recently posted…How Do You Smell? Why Some Women Will Never Be Attracted To YouMy Profile

    • Wow, sorry to hear about your back troubles Bellaisa. Yes, despite the demands of our lives, we still need to be mindful of posture and the dangers posed to it from our activities or inactivity. Hope you get better soon.
      terrycol recently posted…Succeed at AnythingMy Profile

  5. Good article. Not only does stretching feel wonderful it really truly helps your body get exercise even though we might not think it. When I am sick could not do regular exercise, all I did was stretches and and try to take in lots of liquids. It really gave me a boost.

  6. I think sleep should be one of our most important priorities and by sleeping between 9 and 10pm as you’ve stated, is something we need to do to get great health. Thanks so much for sharing. You’ve made me understand things I didn’t know.
    Ngah Benoit recently posted…How to show your boyfriend you love himMy Profile

  7. It’s always important to all of us stay health. Have enough time to get rest is something expensive today in modern era. I think we should give more attention on this issue. Great post
    Okto recently posted…Monthly Report October 2013My Profile

  8. Hey Terry, Great post! You’ve packed some nice information in this post. I’ve always preferred to sleep on my left side. It gives a good feeling to my stomach.

    I’ve never known about the benefits of inversion. Should try it out :) Thanks for sharing!
    Jane recently posted…Excellent And Effective Diets For Teen Age GirlsMy Profile

  9. Water is so essential for fit and active body, but I don’t know why many people skip drinking water and instead prefer tea or coffee. I wasn’t aware that we should sleep on left side, I always try to sleep straight but will change this habit.
    Shailender recently posted…Avocado Benefits: 10 Health Benefits that Makes it Super FoodMy Profile

  10. Thanks for these basic yet very useful health tips terrycol. I am good at breathing and drinking water but not really good with sleeping. i don’t really have a proper sleeping pattern and probably thats the reason why I end up with so many health disorder problem. I am definitely gonna give these ways a try to have a better health. Nice share
    alan recently posted…BBM for PC Download, BlackBerry Messenger for Windows7/8/Vista ComputerMy Profile

  11. Thanks for this great post Terrycol! Great tips! All seem like basic points, yet we often neglect them. Practicing yoga hits a few of these together: Posture, deep breathing, Inversion and Stretching.
    Oge recently posted…Healthiest Foods to Keep in Your KitchenMy Profile

  12. I think sleep is vital point here, I do feel lazy when I don’t get proper sleep. But, now I have changed my schedule and I give priority to YOGA + Sleep a lot.

    Jassie recently posted…Shilpa Shetty Plastic Surgery Before and After PhotoMy Profile

  13. Sleep is a great way to become healthy also water is lovely way!! thanks for the tips!
    Jafar Dhada recently posted…Whatsapp for PC Download (Windows 7/8/XP)My Profile

  14. Hi Terrycol,
    We need this as we blog daily. Sometimes I sit down for long but I was recently adviced to be taking alot of water. The reason behind this is because I will be making movement often as I go to loo and stretch. After doing this for the past one month it has been helpful since am not feeling too tired by the end of the day. Nice post
    Anetta Bursh recently posted…Facebook APK for Android DownloadMy Profile

  15. Water constitutes more than 70% of the total human being… so it is indeed really essential…
    Deep breathing in the morning fresh air is also necessary…
    SAJID recently posted…WhatsApp for PC Free DownloadMy Profile

  16. Great Tips. I’m glad you included stretching here, because it has great benefits for sporting movements as well as for general wellbeing.

    For great health, I would also recommend managing your mental health through regular meditation. This can also improve many of the areas which are covered by the other 6 tips above.

    Great topic – thanks for sharing.

  17. I like the proverbs that says, ‘health is wealth’ and not the other way around. thanks for the tips and i find it difficult to fall asleep sometimes.
    frank joseph recently posted…Niche Site Challenge: Building a Niche Site From Scratch (part 2)My Profile

  18. Amazing article! Just discovered I was doing a few things wrong. This helps a lot.

    Keep sharing amazing articles in future!

  19. Posture is so important for us therapists as we kind of spend a lot of the day sitting in a small range of positions listening to our clients – and sometimes we can be pretty sore by the end of it!
    I think also sometimes mirroring our client’s posture in the room can help us develop empathy with them – are they hunched up? What does it feel like if I hunch up too? Does this help me understand more of the feelings behind what they are saying?
    So – good posture isn’t so straightforward in my line of work!

  20. saanvi chaturvedi says:

    I am very much glad you mentioned in this sleeping. Most of the people tend to thing getting healthy is mainly about working out non stop. In real you burn calories when your muscles are recovering. Great post terrycol..

  21. hey terrycol – woo i found another amazing article here. I am doing regular stracthing exercises, and i want to share something here “1) Work opposing muscle groups each time you stretch. If you start by stretching the muscles in the back of your thigh, then follow by stretching the muscles at the front. and 2) Make stretching part of your other warm-up and cool-down activities. It will help put you in the right frame of mind before exercise and help you relax afterwards.
    hira recently posted…10 Health Reasons to Eat More Veggies and FruitsMy Profile

  22. Great tips and thanks for the article. I especially agree with drinking more than enough water throughout the day and getting enough sleep. I’ve recently started to drink double the amount of water and regulating my sleeping schedule. I can already feel a difference in my body!
    Ann-Elizabeth recently posted…Top 5 tips on eating gluten-free the quick and easy wayMy Profile

  23. Great point about inversion exercises. I believe many people don’t know that even though we know the benefits of practicing yoga poses of the type.
    Mike recently posted…Wheatgrass Juicer ReviewsMy Profile

  24. I’ve had a lot of issues in the past with posture and it’s amazing what a difference it makes. I now correct posture in my family all the time. It might be annoying, but I’ll save them a world of back pain in the future. It’s easy to take a healthy back for granted. You don’t realize how much you need it until it stops working.

    My family is really patient with me and I believe they are making a habit out of having good posture because of my attitude about it. Thanks for sharing this information.

    All the best,
    Laura recently posted…Family Reunion IdeasMy Profile

  25. Hey Terrycol,
    nice post and thanks for sharing these useful tips with us. Yes, sitting in front of computer and doing blogging really make tired but these tips really help us in rebuilding our self. Deep breathing is really helps in keep healthy. Proper sleep make us fresh and energetic.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 5000My Profile

  26. Great article I think posture is very important. I been noticing my posture getting better from working out more and more. Ever since working out I’ve stand up more straight and much less back pains.
    Tony recently posted…5 Menopause Symptoms You Ought to KnowMy Profile

  27. I think sleep is vital point here, I do feel lazy when I don’t get proper sleep. But, now I have changed my schedule and I give priority to YOGA + Sleep a lot.
    So true …Great points
    lalina recently posted…Top 10 Best Drinking GamesMy Profile

  28. Hey you have a nice post and thanks for sharing these useful tips with us. Yes, sitting in front of computer and doing blogging really make tired but these tips really help us in rebuilding our self. Deep breathing is really helps in keep healthy. Proper sleep make us fresh and energetic.
    lalina recently posted…Top 10 Best Drinking GamesMy Profile

  29. Great point about inversion exercises. I believe many people don’t know that even though we know the benefits of practicing yoga poses of the type. I would surely try these
    lalina recently posted…Top 10 Best Drinking GamesMy Profile

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