5 Signs You May Be An Entrepreneur At Heart

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Joe Horan
Joe runs an eCommerce site, TheBuyFly, that caters to iPhone 4 cases as well as tablet cases. He also frequently writes at Entrepreneur Addict, a site he recently started to aid others in the entrepreneur endeavors. He enjoys eCommerce, business in general and hockey. Occassionally, he acts as a freelance SEO to non-profits such as the Blechman Foundation for Parkinson's Research.
Joe Horan
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Joe Horan
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Being an entrepreneur sounds great to a lot of people. You are your own boss. You come and go as you please. You answer to no one. But not everyone has the personality or drive to be in business for themselves. To put it bluntly, sometimes being an entrepreneur sucks. Sometimes you’ll get discouraged and unmotivated. You’ll doubt yourself. You’ll work with incredibly low budgets. Perhaps no budget. It’s also risky but the rewards outweigh the risk.
But what makes a good entrepreneur? Here are 5 telling signs you may just be an entrepreneur at the core:

The ideas never stop coming to you

You’re always coming up with new ideas or ways to do something better. You may even have new ideas coming in before you even finish drawing out plans for your previous one. A typical trait of an entrepreneur will be a constant flood of ideas that you simply cannot shut off.
You’ll stop in the middle of conversations or dinner to scribble an idea down on paper, napkin, arms and whatever else is around. I’ve written ideas in a text message to myself and left movies to go work on a new budding idea. Sometimes the ideas interrupt your life but you find a way to work on them immediately.

You hate playing dress up

Typically, those in business for themselves will wear what they want when they want. Particularly in a startup environment, the uniform is casual such as jeans,

shirt, and maybe even flip flops. Your business suits and dress shirts will stand stagnant in your closet while you opt for the more comfortable option.

Things are never good enough even when they’re great

A common sign of a good entrepreneur is one that never settles, even when things seem perfect. There is always something that can be done and something that can be done better. You may find yourself striving for perfection or working at 10 pm on a Friday night while your friends are at the bar. This may bother you but knowing things can improve in your business will bother you more.

You’ll work for food, beer, gift cards, etc, at least at first

Money is going to be scarce when venturing out on your own. You may still hold a fulltime job while working on business during the nights and weekends. But you’ll be spending a good portion of your income on making your business grow. Naturally, money is important and a high profit is one of the many rewards of this lifestyle. But at first, you won’t be concerned with that. The business comes first and you accept it.

You started a business before you started to drive

This happens frequently to many entrepreneurs. I started my first business when I was 8. It wasn’t as successful as so many others before me. But it taught me a great deal. I learned that I loved the game and the challenges. I started another business in high school that raked in just north of $1 million the first year. Eventually it failed and I moved onto other things. The point is, an entrepreneur may have the desire to start and run multiples businesses. It’s one of the best signs to look at when you’re on the road to self discovery.