How To Create Attractive Emails In 5 Easy Steps

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If you are interested in creating money online, you must understand how important it is to build a high quality mailing list.

That way, whenever you release anything new, or announce anything on your blog/static website, you can instantly drive people to read your posts by emailing them and letting them know about what you just released.

The problem is that people usually get a lot of emails per day and to succeed in this, your email has to be attractive enough that it stands out and it has to be organized and easy to read. That way you will be sure that your email will be read and not get thrown in the trash or even worse, getting marked as spam.

If people receive unattractive emails from you, they will probably unsubscribe from your mailing list, and this can eventually lead to losing your entire list.

When you write an email, you have probably tried to make it look as good and as organized as you can get it to be, but you never think about what it will look like when your readers receive it.

So How Do You Make Your Emails Attractive?

Simple, just follow these next simple steps:

1) Control Line Length: Whenever you write and email, always makes sure you use a hard carriage (meaning hit enter to write on a new line). When you write and you reach the end of a line, your email software  is probably automatically warping up the lines to make it look good to you, that word wrap usually happens around 60 to 80 characters, but that doesn’t mean it’ll look like this once it reaches your readers, the program they use to open their mail might not have this feature. So always

use a hard carriage.

2) Use Normal Fonts: Using fancy fonts in your email doesn’t mean that your recipients will be able to see it in the exact same way. That’s why always use standard fonts when writing your email such as “Courier New” which is common to many email clients.

3) Use Alternate Text For Your images: Always be careful when inserting images in your emails and if you can avoid them, do so, because almost all the time email clients will block the display of any images in an email unless manually allowed by the user. However even if they do allow images to show, sometimes the email client will not be able to read the link to the image and thus your images will show as broken, but you can give the reader a hint of what the image is about by leaving an alternate text description to each image you include in your email by using the code <img src="filename.gif" alt="Alternative description goes here">.

4) Avoid Using Colors In Your Text: Chances are that if you use colors in your email, the receiving mail client might not be able to display any colors, on top of that if you have links in there, then using colors might distract the readers from recognizing your links which could result in having them ignore any links you have embedded into your email.

5) Always Take Your Important Emails For A Test Drive: Make sure to sign up for as many email services as you can, especially the famous ones such as G-mail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail. Whenever you create an important email make sure to send it to your other accounts first and check how it looks like before you mass send it to your readers. You don’t have to do this with every email of course, only the very important ones.

Follow the above guidelines and you will have simple clean emails that will attract the attention of your readers and will make it more likely that your emails don’t end up as spam or ignored. 🙂