Creating Native Admin Tables in WordPress

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html Code

Native Admin Tables in WordPress are very commonly used but are quite difficult to make. Many users find the process confusing and complex. But if dealt with systematically, better results can be produced. There are certain steps which are needed to be followed. WordPress table Outlook: At first glance, you are able to see various […]

Why You Should Hire an Indian PHP Developer for Custom PHP Development

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Outsource PHP Development

Importance of website in today’s scenario: In today’s scenario, having a website has become mandatory, either build with different CMS solutions or with custom PHP development.┬áToday having a website means not only publishing and organizing company information but it has got number of advantages. From detailed description of offerings of products to services, price-list, online […]

Adding twitterlink field to a Studiopress theme

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twitterlink field in Studiopress comment form

I’ve added the field to this Studiopress theme for your twitter username to the actual comment form now so it should be a smoother entry for those who haven’t added their twitter username to a comment here. Luv StudioPress! You just gotta luv the flexibility of the Genesis Framework by StudioPress. It just takes a […]

API update to ComLuv info panel display

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Comluv API Fix

I made a small update to the ComLuv API so it will show the info panel properly when a user has special characters like © in their bio description or post titles. Replace it with nothing! I did have some rather complex search and replace code in the api to try and prevent special characters […]

Enable Debugging And Logging For Live Site Usage

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Have you ever been doing something on your live, publicly accessible site, that has enough visitors and traffic that disabling it to fix a Php bug would be too costly to do? I’m sure that any of you who have done any kind of development on a WordPress site know how it can be to […]