Why not getting a TLD is Stupid

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Why Not Getting a TLD is Stupid

A lot of us have blogs, some of us on Blogger, others on WordPress.com and others Self-Hosted WordPress. But also a lot of us have a subdomain like blog.wordpress.com and blog.blogspot.com and other example.co.cc (or other subdomains). Now I will explain why it is stupid to not get a TLD (Top Level Domain ex: techmoment.net/) No […]

How to : Gravatar on Blogger

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Hey Guys, many of you have a blogspot/blogger blog and want to add a gravatar on it and as we know many of you say that gravatar does not support it and even http://www.gravatar.com/ said this We are in the process of discussing with Blogger the possibility of adding a gravatar template tag to their arsenal. But […]

How Passion is Turning a Virtually Non Existent Niche Into a Successful Blog

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This is not what I usually write about and as you will notice through out this post, I am struggling to put words and sentences together. While writing this post, I went back many times to start over, at times I stared at the blank page for a while, not knowing what to do. But, […]