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It is widely known that a sure fire way of getting your blog noticed is to guest blog on another site.
Not only does it give you a chance to write for a new audience, if the blog you’re guest posting on has a high traffic / PR set of pages then you can easily gain some Google juice too. is a high PR site and has multiple PR4 pages across the whole domain, write to your own subject and squeeze some fresh Google Juice to your own site. It’s so easy, you can do it today!

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Unlike other guest blogging opportunities, guest bloggers get to write about whatever it is their blog is about. That means if your blog is about cats, you get to write about cats! is here to help you find more readers. As long as you have the CommentLuv plugin installed on your own site we provide you a platform to publish your best, most visit worthy content with a bio and link direct to your site for readers to find you.

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Every guest blogger that gets their article published will be rewarded with multiple dofollow links in the author box on every post that they make. Most articles get sent out to the newsletter subscribers every week (over 16,000 of them!) and really good articles get sent as full content so there’s even more exposure for your links!

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It’s so quick and simple to get guest blogging at

Guest Blogger Requirements

What you need to do :

  • Install the CommentLuv plugin at your own site and have comments open
  • Register as a user on this site
  • Apply to be a contributor by clicking the button in the dashboard
  • (you can apply by joining the site and clicking the button in the dashboard, see the link to register on the sidebar)
  • Agree to follow the rules and posting guidelines
  • You MUST have a gravatar
  • You MUST complete your profile with your real name as display name and your website (with commentluv) added
  • Start writing!

Guest Poster Guidlines

  • Images:
    An image must be used at the beginning of the post using center alignment. Please use the add media button and upload your image.
    Thumbnails will automatically be created.
    Use a maximum width of 400px. If your post is featured on the front page then it will use this image.
    Please attribute images to the owner using the caption option if you don’t own them.
  • Headings
    You should use <h2> tags for sub headings and <h3> tags for smaller headings.
  • Tags
    A maximum of 4 tags can be used. (Entering more than 4 tags is too taxing for the system when trying to find related posts)
  • Links
    A guest author box is provided with dofollow links, please don’t ruin your chances of being published by trying to fill up your post with self promoting links.
    There are to be NO AFFILIATE LINKS, doing so could see your contributor status removed and post deleted!
    Dropping in keyworded links in the text of your article will see the links removed.
  • Format
    Please use <p> paragraphs to break up your post into sections that are easily readable
  • Language
    The language of this blog is English. Please use only English language and if you want to swear, please use * to disguise the word (or it might p*ss people off). You can be controversial but, please try not to write things that could be considered inflamitory to people of a specific race, creed or religious denomination
    (if you’re using hate words then your article and user account will be binned). Submitted articles must not be religious in nature. (if it mentions your God(s) then writing about him/her/it/them could be considered offensive to someone who doesn’t believe or believes in a different one) ComLuv is not a platform to be used for preaching and/or converting others to your religious beliefs
  • Exclusivity
    You agree not to publish an article that has already been published or to publish your article again on another site in the future. This is to prevent any duplicate content penalties from arising.
  • Proof reading
    You should always proof read your own article. I do not provide the services of an editor so you need to check your own articles before they get published!
  • Spelling
    I know not everybody is a perfect English literature graduate (myself included) but please try to make an effort to spell words correctly and refrain from using 1337 sp33k or txt abrv’s
  • Provide value to the reader
    It’s important to remember that your article must provide some sort of value to the reader, the purpose of writing a guest post here it to show off your writing skill or give the reader a peek at what you normally write about. If the reader likes your article they will surely click through to your site to read more. So teach, explain or share an amusing story!
  • Do not advertise!
    Guest posting is not a chance to splatter your sales links all over a poorly written article! If you submit an article that looks like a sales letter or as if it could have been copied out of a company pamphlet then it will not be published.
    I want to support the small business blogger so if you are selling something, write a story about the product or explain how it can be used in a tutorial.
    Please do not put links solely for the purpose of advertising commercial companies
    See these articles for examples of how home business bloggers can submit articles that are of value to the reader ;
    How to choose a wood garden bench that will last
    Get the Best Looking African American Skin And Hair Using Natural Products
    Tips for a Successful Blind Date

How to Apply

Simply register as a member on this site by clicking the ‘register’ link in the sidebar below the log in form.
Do not click this image, the link is on the sidebar

Once you have become a member of this site visit the dashboard, read the guest blogger guidelines and click the apply button

Complete the application form fields. You will need to supply a URL to an example article that you have already written so that your writing style can be reviewed.

Once you have clicked the apply button your application will go in the queue and be reviewed by an admin. You will receive an email telling you if your application was successful or not. If successful, you can log in to the dashboard and click on the ‘add new’ under the ‘posts’ menu and write your guest post.

Once you submit your post for review, it will go in the queue and an admin will review it and if it is accepted you will be notified of when it will be published. If it is not accepted then you will be sent an email explaining why and the post will be moved back to a draft status so you can fix the problems explained in the email you received.

Good luck and thanks for your article submission!

* has the right to edit or modify the content of the post at any time before or after publishing

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