The Main Benefits of Virtualization

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Virtualization = Flexibilty & Efficiency

Among the many technological advancements of our day, virtualization technology continues to make progress in its ability to provide greater flexibility and efficiency among companies all over the world. Ever since this new technology was introduced, the benefits of it have only become clearer.

Virtualization Benefits

Some of the things that virtualization provides to companies and organizations include:

  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Better utilization of computing resources
  • Reduced capital costs
  • Greater productivity among IT staff members

Despite the lack for sufficient budget, many government agencies have said that they will be looking to adopt some kind of virtualization tools by the year 2015. Some of the reasons why they cannot implement now include the lack of staff members who could be trained to watch over a virtual environment, and the lack in budget for those staff members.

Aside from government agencies, many companies and other organizations have fully adopted virtual solutions and are seeing the rewards from doing so. With the ability to increase efficiency and flexibility on several different levels, some companies can’t live without it. This

is especially true for organizations that run hundreds of servers. While not all are able to consolidate server use down to a single server, a reduction of a few hundred is well worth it when you consider the amount saved by such a reduction.

Virtualization Security

While there are many benefits to server virtualization, security is an issue that must be considered and addressed at some point. Establishing a good firewall and security management guidelines can really go a long way in combating virtual hackers.

Different Areas of Virtualization

There are many different tools within the virtualization arena. Some of these include server virtualization, which is the process of running several desktops and applications in the main data center. There is also storage virtualization, which is the ability to create a single entity among multiple physical storage networks.

So, as you can see, there are many different tools that have provided greater efficiency in many different ways and this technology only continues to grow and expand.

The need for these solutions is great, which also means that security does play a major roll within virtualization. Whenever you have something that is so widely adapted, you’re always going to find individuals and groups that will try and abuse it. While virtualization is not a perfect solution, it is becoming something that companies and organizations can rely on to improve in many different ways.