The Hello Bar is a simple notification bar that engages users and communicates a call to action.

CommentLuv Plugin Hits The Quarter Million Downloads Milestone

Clean it up with AJAX

CommentLuv has now been downloaded from the official WordPress plugin repository over a quarter of a million times! OMG, can you believe it’s been that many? I can’t and I’m the one who made it! haha Who’s downloading it and why? There seems to be a constant steady stream of daily downloads happening from lots [...]

Adding twitterlink field to a Studiopress theme

twitterlink field in Studiopress comment form

I’ve added the field to this Studiopress theme for your twitter username to the actual comment form now so it should be a smoother entry for those who haven’t added their twitter username to a comment here. Luv StudioPress! You just gotta luv the flexibility of the Genesis Framework by StudioPress. It just takes a [...]

Not bad ads

Buy advertising on

I’ve been making some changes around the site with regards to the ads that get displayed in the hope of increasing the amount of revenue that ComLuv can generate. Maybe one day it’ll make enough money to justify all the time I put into it but, that’s never really been the driving force behind the [...]

API update to ComLuv info panel display

Comluv API Fix

I made a small update to the ComLuv API so it will show the info panel properly when a user has special characters like © in their bio description or post titles. Replace it with nothing! I did have some rather complex search and replace code in the api to try and prevent special characters [...]

Update to guest author box for better SEO


I’ve updated the code that displays the author box at the top of guest author posts so it now has a dofollow keyphrase link that opens in a new window to the guest authors site. Get noticed for your keyphrase The anchor text and site address is taken from your main URL details on the [...]

Enable Debugging And Logging For Live Site Usage


Have you ever been doing something on your live, publicly accessible site, that has enough visitors and traffic that disabling it to fix a Php bug would be too costly to do? I’m sure that any of you who have done any kind of development on a WordPress site know how it can be to [...]

Fantastic start to ComLuv guest posting

Guest posting fast start

What a great week we’ve had since opening up the site to guest posters! There have been some excellent submissions and I’m happy to report that they will all be included in the newsletter along with the regular posts I make about the site. Everything from blog wealth to back health Unlike many websites that [...]

Get PR4 – PR6 Links from as little as 1$ per day


Introducing a new feature at Here’s a tasty little treat for you! it’s called Featured Sites and it’s a wonderful way to spend your ComLuv credits on something that has proven to be a fantastic way to get your site noticed by the search engines – getting your links on a high PR page [...]

Vote For Me (well, CommentLuv anyway)


Like the Oscars for WordPress There’s a new site in town and it’s a doozy! is a site designed and created by @jaredwilli where you can vote up your favorite WordPress plugins, themes, sites and personalities. It’s a wonderful place to find new bling for your blog, gurus for your questions and sites to [...]

A new format to the newsletter


I have decided to change the format of the newsletter so that it can include more posts. The problem with adding more posts is that it makes it tooooo loooong! New plugin to the rescue Not to worry! I have created a new plugin that allows me to choose, on a post by post basis, [...]

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