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. How Can Video Marketing Convert Traffic

July 18, 2011

Why is video is such a big thing on the Internet and how can video marketing convert traffic? I used to be wondering the same thing until I realized that video marketing is basically another form of article marketing in 2011, however people enjoy watching videos far more than reading. If I had the choice of [...]

. Breaking out of the Money Rut

July 17, 2011

Dieting – specifically crash diets – is almost always doomed to failure.  Everyone knows that person next door who managed to lose an astounding amount of weight, only to gain it all back (and more) as soon as they fell of the wagon.  Just like dieting, it is possible to get into bad habits with [...]

. Nine Ways to Transform Your Backyard Into a Summer Paradise

July 16, 2011

When summer hits, nothing can drain your wallet like paying for all of those outdoor excursions. This season, try keeping things close to home by turning your backyard into an area that the entire family simply can’t get enough of. If you consider these nine simple tips, you’ll be basking in the envy of the [...]

. How to Buy a Piano

July 16, 2011

Learn the Secret to How to Buy a Piano As the owner of a really popular piano review blog I get a lot of questions about buying the right keyboard for themselves or their children. And typically most people are confused given that there is a huge selection of manufacturers, brands, and models to choose [...]

. How Plugins Make Bloggers Stupid

July 15, 2011

It’s kind of funny that I had the idea to write this article, because I just came across a recent guest post here on ComLuv about autoblogging. One of the various plugins that make bloggers stupid is one that automates the process of importing other blog content. Such a plugin is not meant for a [...]

. 5 Reasons You Should AVOID Article Marketing Like the Plague

July 14, 2011

Are you considering using article marketing as a potential tool to boost your website’s traffic? Are you already engaged (either casually or up to your eyeballs) in the process? Is all that effort you’re putting in really getting you the results you need? You owe it to yourself to ask some hard questions about where [...]

. How To: Easily get Guest Posts for Your Blog

July 13, 2011

Today I’m going over some websites that will help you find some people that love blogging and that would love to write for your blog. The first site I’d like to tell you about today is Blogger LinkUp. I’ve been using this site since the start of my blog. I’ve already gotten many great articles [...]

. Checking Out a Dofollow Blog with the Meta SEO Inspector (free)

July 13, 2011

If you are an SEO techie, then most probably you have wanted to check whether a site you are leaving a comment on is dofollow or not. Checking out for the presence of dofollow also applies to you if you want to generate free backlinks for your or blog by leaving comments on other blogs [...]

. Guest bloggers on ComLuv are getting awesome results!

July 12, 2011

Multiple Page 1 on Google Results! I’ve always said that guest blogging works and it has been echoed throughout the blogosphere by people that know a lot more about SEO and promotion that me and after checking the stats for this site to make sure that things were going OK after the server move, I [...]

. 2 Reasons Why *autoblogging* Is A Disastrous Online Strategy

July 11, 2011

One advantage I have as an 12 year online marketer is I’ve seen it all. In the midst of all the student and client success there have been many who veered off the path by chasing the latest *shortcut*. On a regular basis I’d get email from students asking, “have you heard about this? — [...]

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