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Guidelines For An Error Free Computer

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A happy error free PC.

Computer users who have an error free computer are not only more productive, but also less stressed because work can get completed without having to deal with maintenence issues. This may be because they have to deal with far fewer computer problems that generate negative emotions like anxiety, frustration and anger. Also, since an error-free computer is also usually a faster computer, these users tend to get their work done on time and are more productive overall.  While users who are stuck with a PC that is in poor condition may gradually turn into a frustrated individual as PC problems continue to be a thorn in the side of the user.

So, how do you make your computer less vulnerable to errors and make it run as fast as a new PC? Simple, you just have to follow the guidelines that have been enlisted in this article and you will see a vast improvement in your computer.

Guideline 1 : Regularly scan and clean your Windows registry.

All configuration information in Windows is saved in a centralized database called the registry. Over time, your PC slows down because the registry gets filled up with unwanted entries that make it large and unstable. To prevent this situation and to maintain a compact and optimized registry, you need to scan and clean it on a regular basis. One of the easiest ways to perform a registry clean up is by using a reliable registry tool.

Guideline 2 Ensure that you have the required software on your computer.

Many computer errors may occur when a required software is missing from your computer. For instance,a xvidcore.dll error will show up when you play a XviD file without the necessary XviD codec installed on your computer.

Guideline 3 : Update your software regularly.

DLL errors, such as missing msvcr80.dll errors and other computer errors may occur if you have outdated software on your computer. To prevent such errors, it is essential that you update all software on your computer on a regular basis. In Windows you can use the Windows Update option that is found under the Start menu.  You may also choose to enable the Automatic Update option in the Control Panel to ensure that your Microsoft-based software is automatically updated as and when new updates are released.

Guideline 4 : Ensure that your PC stays free from Malware infections.

The majority of errors that users get happen if your PC gets infected by spyware, adware, or some other type of malware.  The best way to avoid these infections is to use PC security tools such as the built in Windows Firewall and of course a top anti-virus software suite. For the best way to protect your digital content, make sure you choose software that offers automatic updating, offers real-time protection, and allows you to schedule PC scans that fit your schedule.

Guideline 5 : Keep your hard disk clutter free and defragmented.

To keep your hard disk free from clutter:

  • I recommend uninstalling any software that you have not used in the last 3 months.  You can do this under the control panel in Windows.  Just select each program you no longer use and uninstall that bad boy.
  • Clean unwanted files with the help of the Disk Cleanup tool.
  • Make data stored on the hard disk contiguous with the help of the Disk Defragmenter tool.

Hopefully these guidelines will help you keep your PC running like a champ and keep you computing days error free.


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