5 Ways to Double Your Income Without Doubling Your Traffic

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James Martell
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James Martell
James Martell
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Double Your Income

What if I told you that you could double or potentially triple the income you get from existing site without adding any additional traffic? Sounds too good to be true right?

Well there is a way and it is not some new “trick of the week” strategy it’s simple Marketing 101.

It’s called cleaning house.

Technology is a wonderful thing as it allows us to work more efficiently and to turn out higher quality websites. But it can also be addictive. Techies and non-techies in particular are susceptible to going overboard with easy to add technical features on their websites simply because they can.

Unfortunately adding bells and whistles indiscriminately can detract from an affiliate marketers reason to be and that’s to sell product. Websites loaded down with fancy options often times dilute or make fuzzy the marketing message. When this happens you reduce the effectiveness of the page’s ability to convert prospects.

WordPress. Love it like you would love a third or fourth cousin.

Don’t get me wrong, I think WordPress is probably the best thing since individually wrapped sliced cheese. In fact when I first started using this amazing content management system I couldn’t get over how easy it was to create a professional looking website in such a short period of time.

And then as WordPress gained popularity there were more and more widgets and plug-ins offering tremendous features and functionality and of course I wanted it all. It is after all an amazing platform that allows a non-techie like me to add features like sidebars, archive lists, social media buttons, videos, and tag clouds simply by dragging and dropping.

But therein lies the trouble. It’s so easy to add the latest functionality why wouldn’t you? The problem is it is extremely easy to overload the site with all these neat functions which don’t really support your base mission of selling products. Worse than that, they can actually detract from converting prospects.

So WordPress is a great CMS but don’t feel obligated to add every new feature that comes out.

Refine your use of technology

As an affiliate marketer your livelihood depends on converting visitors to customers. If you’re promoting smart phones, costume jewelry, financial services software or even something off-the-wall like routers for woodworking the last thing you can afford to do is dilute your marketing message by adding so many distractions in the form of features that your visitors become confused or motivated to take actions that you don’t want them to do.

If your pages loaded down with a ton of WordPress extras, you may be defeating your own purpose. Let me tell you about an experience I had regarding my WordPress widget addiction.

Less is more

One day some time ago I decided to count the number of different things that a visitor could do on one of the pages on one of my websites. I was amazed. They could do way more than I thought they could do, to include leaving the site and that certainly isn’t good.

Not only was I providing my visitors with too many distractions, but I was cluttering up the site with photographs and graphics that really didn’t lend to converting visitors to customers. In short my site was cluttered it was time to do some spring


I went through each feature and evaluated how it helped or hurt my overall mission of selling a product. If it was merely a distraction then I removed it from the page. When I was done with the cleaning I had an attractive page that appeared crisp and easy-to-read and more importantly my message was coming across loud and clear.

5 ideas to de-clutter your website and strengthen your message

If you think your website might be a tad on the cluttered side then take a look at these five ideas to clean it up. If you can get your webpage to clearly state your marketing message you’ll be surprised at the number of increase sales that you will experience even with the same amount traffic.

1. Have a plan for every page.

Every patient you have published on your website should have a purpose and you certainly should know just what it is. If you’re not certain why the page exists then you can’t provide an effective call to action. Plan each page we create it and have a specific “page mission” in mind.

2. Guide your prospects to the next step.

You have to take your visitors by the hand and guide them through the process. The best way to do this is to provide content in such a way that it compels the reader to do what you suggest. Your call to action should seem like the logical next step.

3. Keep your page design crisp and simple.

Sometimes the best way to get a message across is to use the minimalist approach. A simple white background with black text and an understated header can be a perfect canvas to paint your marketing message on.

4. Don’t forget to call to action.

Providing a call to action seems like an obvious step but it is sometimes overlooked and often times not very powerful. If your content is compelling then don’t be shy about telling the visitor exactly what to do in your call to action. Don’t be afraid to try different variations. Testing different calls to action will lead you to your most effective phrase.

5. Do keep some social media on the site.

I know I said I trimmed back much of the social media that I have my website page but it’s important to retain some of it. Social media sites and systems are important source of referred traffic and you simply can’t ignore it altogether just use it in moderation.

One more idea to keep in mind

People read left right in the first place are going to look when he arrived your website is the top left corner. Take a moment and think about what you have in that location right now. Ideally it should be most important piece of content that you have on the site. If what you have on this piece of real estate does not support the purpose of the page then you need to change it out.

These de-cluttering strategies can be used by any type of website from children’s car seats to men’s fashion to router table reviews or even simple information products like e-books. And it doesn’t matter what format you use the reviews or daily deals de-cluttering will help any site strengthen their message and increase their sales.


James Martell discovered the lucrative world of affiliate marketing in 1999. He is a self-taught Internet entrepreneur and a leading expert in affiliate marketing, outsourcing and SEO. James is the host of the “Affiliate Buzz”, the first and longest running affiliate marketing podcast. James is the host of the “Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp”, a continually updated affiliate marketing training series well known for turning affiliate newbies into success stories. James resides in White Rock BC, a seaside suburb of Vancouver on the West Coast of Canada with Arlene and their four children.