3 Extremely Unique Wedding Ideas

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Weddings Are A Time Of Celebration

Marriage is nothing new. People have been doing it for thousands of years. Obviously it’s something important or people wouldn’t keep doing it. Depending on where you live in the world, a marriage ceremony can be different. Some countries practice and celebrate this occasion a little differently than other parts of the world, and that’s okay. Despite the different ways that it is practiced, the idea is still the same, which is to bond two people together in a life-long commitment of love and support.

Unique Weddings Are Nothing New

There have been some really unique weddings in the world. Some people like to do crazy things when they get married; some have even gotten married while jumping out of an airplane. In fact, you might say that there have been so many crazy ways to get married already that the only way to be unique these days is to go back to the more traditional wedding ceremony. Despite how likely this may seem, let me provide a few more ideas for a unique wedding that you have hopefully never heard of.

1.Movie Wedding

My first unique idea for a wedding is to make your wedding day into a professionally done movie. While there are some limitations to this, because of cost, you can still create some good cinematography for about the same cost as a traditional wedding. How cool would it be to write an entire script and plot and act out the movie with your partner, and then have the ceremony be a part of the film? It wouldn’t have

to be a long movie, but I think it would be a fantastic way to remember that special day.

2.Flash Mob Wedding

My second unique idea for your amazing wedding is to do a flash mob wedding. Just think about it – you, and your entire family and all of your friends, are at a very popular place where there are lots of people around and all of a sudden an organ (or a simulated organ) starts to play and everyone stands up as you walk down the center of the room to get married. I think all of the people around would think it was the most amazing wedding they have ever “been to”. Just make sure you have a good wedding photographer on hand to capture the whole thing.

3.Social Media Wedding

My final unique idea for your wedding is to getting married via social media. That’s right, get married online. With the capabilities of social media these days you could easily build up some serious hype and get thousands of people involved and “attending” your online wedding. You could have a team of people tweeting everything as it happens, posting pictures and updates, while others live stream everything. The idea behind this is to just get as many people to attend it as possible, making it go viral because it would be the very first live, and online wedding.

However you end up getting married this year, just remember that it’s a good thing to do. Commitment is something that our world is slowly losing and when people commit to love and serve each other for the rest of their lives, it helps to heal our world in many ways.

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