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New CommentLuv development progress

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Welcome to the new ComLuv network site to take over from the old hub.  It has been a long and arduous process to bring about the new look, functionality and plugin integration but it is nearly there, it is so nearly nearly there!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be filling the site with all the content needed to get every user up and running with their own blog and profile page as well as coding the new version of the CommentLuv plugin and working with the developer to get the API up and stable ready to be integrated into commenting systems such as JS-kit, Intense Debate, Disqus and more.

Registrations are still disabled while we import the 9000 members into our new home, once things are capable of running for normal blog creation use, the registrations will be opened up again. There will be opportunities for beta testers and private invites very soon. Right now, I need to get the new plugin finished and ready to be installed here. For that, I need the API to be stable enough to handle a few sites before I can push for a worldwide release. That is being handled by the developers, it was pencilled in for mid May but things happen and little issues float to the top so hopefully, there’ll be something to use before June. Whatever the release date, I’m sure I’ll be busy typing away until my fingers are sore!

I’ll keep a daily progress report on this blog with details of what I’ve worked on for the day so even though the site isn’t quite 100% finished yet, you’ll still be able to find out the very latest news here and on twitter (@commentluv)

You can subscribe to the ComLuv feed or you can enter your details below if you’re not already registered with the old CommentLuv site.
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The front end of the site is not finished yet, all the work has been going on for the backend code and many things on the site require the backend scripts to be working before they can be finalized so please be patient and watch out for the release news here and your inbox…


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