Migration Succesful! what next? contests, courses, videos?

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It took some hard work, perseverance and some really helpful help from the helpful forum for Amember (say that with a mouthfull of cheese!) but I have finally completely migrated from Digital Access Pass with all the users, affiliates, payments and commissions intact!

On to new things.

Now that the white elephant is out of the room (at least I think that’s the expression) I can move onwards with the things that I was supposed to be doing before I got sidetracked into firefighting the membership system of Tools To Make Money .

Here’s what I’ve got going on

  • SaleSqueezePlugin
    This is a collaboration between me and Hesham of FamousBloggers.net. It’s turning out to be a nice and meaty plugin.

    What’s it do? It’s a super simple way to create complete landing pages (not just the graphics) by using a simple drag and drop interface. It’ll be as easy as pie for newbies to create ‘proper’ landing/sales/squeeze pages without having to change their theme and it’ll be advanced enough that proficient designers and marketers will be able to create wonderful looking pages.

    There’ll be more about this plugin to come including how you can get your copy for free…

  • Conversion Tracking
    This is an ever going thing but recently I’ve been using goals and conversion tracking in my various analytics packages to see what pages make the most money and why.

    I’m not an expert in this and to be honest, I prefer to concentrate on making things rather than money but it’s fun seeing where people come in to the funnel. I figure if I can make really cool and useful things then the money will come on its own (given a little marketing).

Things to come

  • Contest
    I haven’t done a contest in a long while and it’s fun to give away really cool things.

    Money is good but I’d like to try something different and offer a prize that is completely out of the price range of most hobby bloggers or bloggers who are just starting to make money with products or services.

    I am considering offering a full 5 minute sales video package like you’ve probably seen me do for my plugin launches. You know, the script, design, recording and production of a proper product sales/promotional video.

    1st prize

    (value: $2500+)
    It’d include a 1 hour consultation session to find out all the gory details of your product.
    A full script write using the hook/path/persuasion technique (ol’ cuz Andy Jenkins stylee).
    Professional voice over recording (in genuine Brit speak) 🙂
    Royalty free background music
    Uploaded to multiple video sharing sites (traffic geyser-esque exposure)

    2nd Prize

    (value: $500+)

    A snazzy video intro/outro that you can bookend your videos with.

    You can see an example on one of Ileanes great videos here http://youtu.be/QKdmwnKN05o (intro starts at 15s)

    whaddaya think? good prizes or not?

  • CommentLuv sales page redesign
    The sales page for CommentLuv Premium has been doing ok but I’m more of a coder than a designer which means that it could probably be a lot better.

    I am in two minds on how to go about this. I don’t need a whole site redesign, just a new look for the sales page (and perhaps FAQ and Affiliates pages).

    I’m luvvin Dan Lew’s Keyword Winner sales page, I really think that looks lovely (and the plugin is pretty good too!)
    see keywordwinner site

  • More plugins!
    I have a whole bag of plugins that I want to release to the world. Some that are complex and some that are super simple.

    I’ve got 3 already coded, 2 that are nearly done and a whole notepads worth that are nothing more than scribbles (oh but such tasty scribbles!)

  • Tasty Tuesday
    I have neglected this a bit but that’s not because I haven’t had plenty of things to put there, it’s just that I’ve been so bloomin busy!

    I have a nice freebie that I can give away and I think it might tie in nice with some IM-Graphics Plugin promotion now that it’s got a new payment system sorted.

  • Webinars!
    I’ve never really bothered with these before but everyone tells me they’re the next best thing to sliced marketing and I’ve been hankering to get some know how out there to a live audience.

    What do you think of webinars, are they worth the salt? If you were to do one, what would you like to see/hear?

  • Courses
    This is another thing I really want to do. Doing a new video course and other related stuff about the things I’ve been learning about and successfully turning in to money this year.

    I have had some failures and some phenomenal successes and I’d love to share what I’ve learned and do it in the ‘ol Andy Bailey way.

    What would you like to see me do a course on?


Yes! there’s a lot more but I’m tired writing all this human speak, if only I could write a plugin that could handle all this for me…. hmmm,

Is there anything that you’d like to see? what do you think of the contest prizes, what would you attend a webinar on or what would you like to learn? and what color is blue? 😉 let me know in the comments!