Half a million!

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btw.. you can get this author box here

I noticed that last week the free version of CommentLuv tipped over half a million downloads! wow.

Who’da thought that the tiny little script I wrote as a way to reward my favorite readers with a link back their site would grow so big, so quick?


I’ve been thinking what I can do to celebrate but I couldn’t come up with anything in the short time between noticing and this post so I will have to come up with something special to mark this milestone.

I did spend the day coding a little fix that I’ll include in the next update to both CommentLuv Premium and the free version which adds a bit of redundancy to the feed fetching routine so if it can’t find a feed on the first go, it’ll try again in the most used feed location.


worked on the few test url’s that I know resulted in a ‘a feed cannot be found’ message before so that might help all those that have static homepages and couldn’t get a returned list of posts when they used their homepage url on commentluv sites.

Kicked Murphys ass!

I managed to finally fix the issue I was having with mine and Heshams joint venture plugin. Oh phew! that problem nearly broke my coding back! I was starting to get a phobia for coding.

Luckily, I know how my brain works and knew that all I needed was to concentrate on something else for a while so I did another online course. By the time I was finished, I was still struggling to fix the problem so I started another course and half way through it, I got hit by the inspiration genie and TA-DA! solved it.

Oh yes, things are getting back on track and I’ve got (another) little course that I’ve just finished and I’m currently actioning that to see what it says is true. That looks pretty nice! I’ll let you know all the juicy details next week.. suffice to say, it’s a way to make money and build a list using gorgeous looking reports that can be created with copy and paste easiness .. yum