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I am the creator of CommentLuv Premium
You can get your own content published on this site as long as you have CommentLuv installed on your site.

Doing so means you get exposure to thousands and thousands of other CommentLuv users and your posts get sent out to the massive subscriber list.

Google loves this site and indexes it multiple times per day and posts always get lots of comments so you can be sure of some excellent exposure.

See the Write For Us page for more details

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premium viral magnet bonus

Premium Viral Magnet software is launching on 18th March at 10pm EST and you should NOT buy it until you have heard what I think is missing and how you can get the vital missing piece of the puzzle from me for free*

*conditions apply

How to create a viral offer

I have bought a few products off a guy called Welly. My entire launch for CommentLuv used one of them and I’ve built a list of over 400 subscribers in just a few weeks using another product of his.

And now he has come up with another bit of magic that can build lists, promote posts to go viral, increase fans, followers and traffic all rolled in to one.

I was privileged to be a beta tester for it for the past week and I’m happy to report that it actually does live up to the description of ‘viral magnet’.


There is something missing from it and I have it ready to give away as a bonus.

I’m not going to reveal it here or to my big old list. I’m changing the way I email offers to people that subscribe to my lists, it’s not fair on them to receive an email or four about something if that isn’t anything to do with what they subscribed


So with that in mind, I’m only going to tell people that are actually interested in finding out how to make a viral offer and how to run it so that all the jiggery pokery is done for you.

Or how they can get the vital missing piece to this plugin which I think will make it 10x more powerful. I’ve seen this ‘missing piece’ work for me on it’s own and now, combined with this new plugin it will definitely ‘do the business’

Find out more here ..

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I’ll give a few people a completely free bonus which will make this new plugin 10x more powerful*

*10 times is an estimate based on the color of my shoes 🙂  <– that’s a joke btw, it could be 11x

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