3 Steps to Beat Gum Disease Naturally

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Michedolene Hogan
Michedolene Hogan, publisher of TheAllergySpot.com, lives in a quiet rural neighborhood of NC. She and her four children enjoy the quiet atmosphere after years of living in Southern CA cities. On two acres of land she has found the perfect atmosphere for working as a freelance writer covering a wide range of topics. She prefers writing about alternative allergy solutions but enjoys dabbling in other topics as well. In her spare time she and her family enjoy working with rescued dogs from high kill shelters around NC that need a little special TLC to re-learn how to be part of a family.
Michedolene Hogan
Michedolene Hogan
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According to the CDC gum disease has reached epidemic proportions with more than 75% of Americans having some stage of the disease. It is also stated that many are not even aware they have it, allowing the disease to progress silently until it reaches advanced stages.

It has long been taught that once gum disease reaches noticeable symptoms it has entered the advanced stage and requires medical treatment. But what if I told you it was possible to recognize gum disease early on and that you could treat it naturally? Let’s start by understanding what gum disease is and how it progresses.

A Close Up of Periodontal Disease

Gum disease begins with plaque build-up on the teeth and around the gum line. The build-up causes the gums to pull away from the tooth. This is perhaps the very first sign of gum disease and frequently goes unnoticed. These pockets create the perfect habitat for bacteria to grow.

As bacteria fill the pockets surrounding the teeth the gum line becomes inflamed. In the beginning you’ll probably only notice mild bleeding when you brush or floss. Your gums may appear more red than normal and develop tender spots.

For many Americans they mistake these signs for normal reactions to food, brushing or flossing, rather than what it really is, the progression of gum disease.

As the disease continues to progress more noticeable signs develop including regular bleeding gums, sore gums, changes in the way your teeth fit and loose or missing teeth. It is this stage practitioners warn requires treatment with a Periodontist.

Treating Gum Disease Naturally

While working with a licensed Periodontist is important to the overall health of your gums there are several treatments you can utilize at home:

  • Switching to a natural diet and avoiding modern diets all together
  • Take advantage of natural remedies
  • Embrace the power of colloidal silver

By utilizing a combination of all three you’ll be equipped to manage symptoms, reverse the disease and support your body in natural prevention.

Step 1 – Using Colloidal Silver as your natural antibiotic

: Colloidal silver has been around a long time and is highly recommended for multiple ailments. It can be used as a topical agent or ingested like a prescribed antibiotic. It is even known for its ability to help teeth reverse damage caused by cavities. By applying it directly to the gum line you can help reduce inflammation and kill the bacteria.

Step 2 – Natural Remedies for Oral Care

: There are several natural remedies for oral pain and rejuvenation of oral tissue. Both Goldenseal Powder and White Oak Powder applied on the tooth or gums can help heal or minimize gum disease symptoms. Myrrh gum powder has also been proven to heal long standing gum infections.

Another popular remedy is Dr. Schulze’s Tooth and Gum Formula. With the right ingredients you can put together a batch to use at home. The recipe includes:

10oz Echinacea Tincture

¼cp Tea Tree Oil

3oz Bayberry Tincture

2oz Oak Gall (or 3x Oak Bark) Tincture

2Tbsp Cayenne Tincture

2.5 droppers full Peppermint Oil

2.5 droppers full Clove Oil

Step 3 – Switching to a Natural Diet

: This is the one I bet most people are scratching their heads about. In the 1930’s Dr. Weston Price suggested that our diets played a vital role in the health of our teeth and gums. To prove his theory he sought control groups that were completely isolated and lived strictly on natural diets free of processed ingredients.

What he found was astonishing. Every instance the groups had zero occurrence of tooth decay and when these groups changed to a modern diet, the food we eat daily, they rapidly experienced disease and tooth decay.

After a close analysis of the chemical compounds between the two diets the isolated diet was found to be much higher in vitamins and minerals. Hence it appears that consuming only a natural diet can naturally reduce risks for gum disease.

Don’t be among the millions of Americans walking around with gum disease without a clue. Become familiar with the early signs and commit yourself to a natural approach to the reduction and prevention of gum disease in your life.

About the Author: Mikki Hogan has been writing about gum disease for a Long Island Periodontist over the past year and has discovered ways to reduce gum disease naturally.