3 Sizzling DIY SEO Tips for Winter

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Angie Papple Johnston
Angie Papple Johnston is a former combat journalist for the U.S. Army who owns and operates Unique Web Copy and the wildly (ok, maybe not wildly) popular Blog Posts for Lawyers. Angie's portfolio is stuffed with engaging web content, press releases and more.
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Angie Papple Johnston
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SEO dont be left in the cold

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SEO Tips

Cold weather slows everything down – and business is no exception.  In order to keep your momentum going strong when everybody else’s businesses are taking Winter break, now is the perfect time to take a look at your SEO and step it up where you can.  If you can’t (or just would rather not) hire an SEO content writer, here’s what you can easily do to improve your site’s content and get it snuggled comfortably into search engines before people get wrapped up in Christmas credit card bills.


Evaluate your site’s current text by copying and pasting each page into a separate word processor document.  Use the “Find” function to determine how many times your keywords appear in each.  For example, if you’re selling winter hats, obviously ‘warm winter hats’ should be one of your keywords.  If you’re only using ‘warm winter hats’ once or twice on your whole site, you’ve got a problem. 

Dedicate one of your pages to using ‘warm winter hats’ as a keyword.  Find every instance you could be using your keyword and capitalize on it (see example below).

DIY SEO Tip #1 Example:

Our product warm winter hats will keep the snow off your head…

You need one of these a warm winter hat

Purchase one a warm winter hat from us today and receive 1/2 off another warm winter hat

Although it’s easy to overlook possible keywords when you don’t do SEO writing every day, it can be devastating to your business.

DIY SEO Tip #2

Consider locality.  People today are searching differently than they used to – and according to the Pew Research Center, the 30-49 year-old demographic is using cell phones to conduct local searches.  Logically, 30-49 year-olds are the ones with jobs,

money and may have the potential to buy your product… so it makes sense that you’ll want them to find your business if you deal locally.  It won’t hurt your ‘web results if you deal over the Internet – it’ll just help locals hone in on your store, service or product.

When you’re stepping up your SEO efforts using locality, dedicate one page to it and use your location like a keyword (see example below). 

DIY SEO Tip #2 Example:

We’re YOUR San Francisco military surplus store!

There are three San Francisco military surplus stores – but we’re the only San Francisco military surplus store that carries supplies from each branch at affordable prices.

Every employee in our San Francisco military surplus store is dedicated to bringing you the best military supplies you’ll ever find.


Use your keywords as headlines and titles if you’re having a hard time incorporating enough of them into your text as sentences.  You should be aiming for a keyword density of 3-6%; what that means is for every 100 words on a page, only three to six of them are your keywords.  Too many and the search engines will ignore you because they’ll consider you a spammer – too few and the search engines won’t realize you exist.  It’s a tough balance, but set aside a couple of hours and figure it out (you’ll really be glad you did).

If you’re a web designer, for example, and wish to use the keyword ‘open web design,’ use it in headlines as well as in your text to reach a higher keyword density (see example below).

DIY SEO Tip #3 Example:


Our open web design experts…


Your open web design project deserves professional attention, just like your business does…

While this isn’t a comprehensive list of DIY SEO moves, it’ll definitely get you geared up for Winter and help avoid a lull in business – especially if you get started now.  Set aside a couple of hours this weekend to secure your site’s position in the coming months… you’ll be glad you did.

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