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It’s Snow Joke!

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I’m too busy to write stuff and it’s bloomin cold! I’m fed up of snow and the trauma it causes to our deliveries which tends to make me grumpy (bah humbug) so I thought I’d lighten their mood a bit with some pictures of cute cats in the snow…

Cat with snow on it's head

let it snow cat

Frozen harbls

where did you bury the house?

abobibinimanimal rarr

frozen pee cat

too much coke cat

basement cat adds snow to kill list

There.. don’t you feel better about the snow? :-)



  1. zoopco says:

    hahaha this is TOO funny – especially the cocaine cat

    this was def a much needed break in my day!

    happy new year!
    zoopco recently posted..Domain Scam Email – Partner With PaulMy Profile

  2. John Garrett

    HAHA!! those are great, Andy. yeah i definitely needed this myself :)

    Winter is tough to deal with sometimes. Where are you located? I’m in frozen Wisconsin, USA. oh the torment. i also hate how it just slows you down dealing with all the snow and cold. some days it’s difficult to be productive.

    If you check my comluv link I made a comic about Old Man Winter recently (i’ve been on a bit of a rant lately, I’ll admit). summer cannot come soon enough for me!
    John Garrett recently posted..Hypertransitory- The Comic – Episode 2 – WinterMy Profile

    • Andy Bailey

      it’s been pretty cold over here in the UK too, luckily (I’m touching lots of wood things), it’s not been too bad for snow where my shop is so deliveries have not really been affected that much. fingers crossed it stays that way!

  3. Ryan

    Only four more months until normal weather – Hang in there!
    Ryan recently posted..In Debt We Trust DocumentaryMy Profile

  4. Patricia

    Great pics Andy. While the UK, Europe and the US get snow bound we here in Perth Oz are sweltering with our really hot summer weather. New Years Day will be 37C (100F) and the following 4 days will be 40C (104F) so the air con will be working and I’ll be staying indoors.

    As I lived and worked in the UK for many years, I do remember how cold it could get. Even got snowbound at Heathrow one year when I was headed home to the sun on hols! The snow seems to be starting even earlier these day eh??!!

    Happy New Year Andy and thanks for creating such an amazing community that I so love being a part of. May 2011 be all you hope for and more.

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia recently posted..At Lavenderuses Safety First Means…My Profile

    • Andy Bailey

      I saw the weather in Oz on the news, mad to see people with santa hats on with sweat running down their noses! haha, my brother is in Sydney so I hope to go out there to visit some time.

      thanks for coming by!

  5. thovis says:

    very great pics, i liked all of them, poor little kitty cats lol
    thovis recently posted..Peacebloom VS Ghouls – The Strategy GuideMy Profile

  6. John says:

    Andy – These cats look too adorable, especially the cat with the sweater and hat on. I have two cats myself and they would do their very best to avoid the snow at all cost, so I’m a little surprised seeing the cats looking so comfortable in it. I thought the cocaine cat was hilarious by the way.
    John recently posted..Tips For Effectively Treating Underarm SweatingMy Profile

  7. CoachNotes

    Hi Andy – I’m in the mountains (USA) and we’ve had more than our share of snow over the past few weeks. Getting a breather the last several days but it really seems like Old Man Winter is taking a deep breath just to gather strength to bombard us again shortly.

    Kitty tale … I don’t have any but the neighbor has several. On every night that it snows, the fat tabby climbs the many stairs to my porch, walks from one end to the other, and walks down the other steps. He doesn’t seem to do anything else. Just trek across the porch on his way to … where? And I can’t figure out why he takes this lonely, cold hike in the middle of the night, when he has a nice warm home just across the way. *shakes head*

    Great pics, Andy! Thanks for the cheer. :)
    CoachNotes recently posted..Dance A Jig- Build Your Own Unscientific Blogging ScorecardMy Profile

  8. Zac says:

    I loved the lasted one, and the one about cocaine. Man I really wish I had a cat. Worst thing about living with other roommates is that you have to respect their space, or should anyway, so I haven’t gotten one yet.

    As soon as my woman gets moved out of her dorm, I’m making her buy one.. or two…

  9. I love these photos, veeery cute!

  10. Linda says:

    I have no idea how the owners of these cats managed to get the cats out in the snow.
    When I had pets I used to have to move them back from the fireplace in winter so their fur wouldn’t start smoking. No way would they go outside in cold weather.
    Linda recently posted..ATC2k Waterproof Action Cam ReviewMy Profile

  11. mindwork says:

    White kitten so cute. A very cool compilation, thanks! I had a good laugh. LOL! <3 <3 <3
    mindwork recently posted..Внутренняя перелинковка страницMy Profile

  12. Martyna

    I remember a photo of a cat that looked like a German soldier from the WWII. very serous ad very very funny:P

    Martyna recently posted..The Midas TouchMy Profile

  13. very cute, my wife will love this.
    Eric McGehearty recently posted..Book Review- Meatball Sundae by Seth GodinMy Profile

  14. gta5 says:

    Hahaha I do love these photos!!! Especially the first one and the third one ^^ That catz are soo cute!! Thanks for sharing with us :)
    gta5 recently posted..GTA 5 Super Mario BrosMy Profile

  15. Sheila says:

    hahahaha the cats are so funny.. LOL

    Sheila recently posted..The Service Tab – A Deeper Look Into the New AddThis AnalyticsMy Profile

  16. vuilblog says:

    haha, yeah I think the cocaine one takes it.
    vuilblog recently posted..VuilBlog Daily Game – Deadly Venom 2 – OriginsMy Profile

  17. Johanna

    I definitely love cats!
    I liked best the one wherein the cat’s pee froze :)
    Thanks for sharing these nice pictures!
    Johanna recently posted..Blogger’s Fatigue – Its Causes and How to Fight Them Part IIMy Profile

  18. Maria Pavel says:

    Hahaha, very funny, delightful !

    I felt like a child again while seeing these photos, great ! Made me laugh a lot.

    I have 2 cats too, I’m looking forward to ‘stylizing them’ too, haha.

    Thank you for sharing this smile-bringer.

    Best regards,

    Maria Pavel recently posted..CNA Training Program – Finding The Right OneMy Profile

  19. melepak says:

    funny and cute!!
    cocaine! so much cocaine..!! mayb i need some too..??? wahhaha..
    nice pic..
    melepak recently posted..TOP 10 Most Popular Blogger Girl In AsiaMy Profile

  20. Matthew Harp

    “Mah pee froze” – Love it
    Matthew Harp recently posted..15 Restaurant Name FailsMy Profile

  21. subzero525 says:

    hahahahaha too funny photos. i love winter very much
    subzero525 recently posted..تحميل تنزيل برنامج وين رار winrar احدث اصدار 2011My Profile

  22. Scary how that cocaine cat really does look like he just took a hit.
    adultawkwardness recently posted..Pet Peeves- Being put on hold in real lifeMy Profile

  23. very funny:)
    WebmasterMeMo recently posted..Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu 113 Bölüm FullMy Profile

  24. Väggklockor says:

    Haa I am not really a cat person but these pics really made me laugh – I guess cats have personalities too ;-)
    Väggklockor recently posted..TumTumMy Profile

  25. mahamed says:

    When I had pets I used to have to move them back from the fireplace in winter so their fur wouldn’t start smoking. No way would they go outside in cold weather.I laughed very much with the seventh picture.

  26. Kevin DeRoo says:

    I’m from the Toronto area in Ontario Canada and it looks sounds like we’re getting some more of the white stuff tomorrow. Guess I’ll have to let the cats out in the morning so we can get some more great pics! Lol! Thanks for sharing these Andy.
    Kevin DeRoo recently posted..Almost Spring – Lets get SocialMy Profile

  27. LOL, This was absolutely adorable? I am a major cat lover. Well, I have one cat at the moment – she is black and gray. The head warm pic reminds me of her.

    What a great post, thanks for the laugh!
    Adrianne Izaguirre recently posted..Gorilla Trekking through the RainforestMy Profile

  28. Andy says:

    That’s really hilarious!!
    Andy recently posted..Brocabulary – Part 3 HocabularyMy Profile

  29. Haven`t thought about snow as cocaine :D

  30. daridunia says:

    pic number 2……funny cat……lol
    daridunia recently posted..Screaming onion choppers!My Profile

  31. michelle

    Very funny, brightened my day…. remember ….research shows that we all need 12 laughs a day to achieve a Great state of personal wellbeing!
    keep em coming!
    michelle recently posted..Quality definedMy Profile

  32. Funny stuff! Our snow is finally gone, except where it had been bulldozed into glaciers in empty lots. That snow is STILL melting. The cat’s cannot wait much longer….

  33. theday says:
  34. Ragab says:

    lol these pictures are price-less, kinda makes me wanna go outside wit y pet lol

  35. Mike says:

    This was hilarious! Some of those cat’s are priceless.
    Mike recently posted..Buying Motorola Cell PhonesMy Profile

  36. Suhaib says:

    some of them are real funny.. especially the one “This is not funny. Where did u hide the house”.
    Suhaib recently posted..Causes of AsthmaMy Profile

  37. hahahaha what a great laugh we have here me and my wife, thank you so much for this post, its alot of fun

  38. kamei21 says:

    It’s great when kitties can have good times in a snow, most of them will snuggle under the blanket the minute they see the white stuff flying around outside.
    kamei21 recently posted..Yes- there are 4-Dog trebles and they are paying Big BucksMy Profile

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