How to Easily Design a Mosaic Tile Pattern

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Installing a mosaic tile pattern in a living environment is becoming a very frequent choice for people who want a modern and impressive interior design. But, people are not aware that, in most companies that deal with the mosaic tile installation process, they have the possibility to design the mosaic themselves. Since a mosaic is, in plain words, a picture that consists of vary small component parts, it is possible to have any picture put on a wall, for example, just by using differently colored mosaic tiles.

In order to do this, you need two things:

Firstly, you need to find the “big picture” that is supposed to be the scheme for the mosaic pattern itself. Keep in mind that the picture is not supposed to have that much detail, because it is very hard to install a complicated tile pattern and, furthermore, it is a very big investment. Logically, the picture shouldn’t have pieces of detail that are actually smaller than your smallest tile. This image is just a map for the mosaic pattern.

You can design the picture yourself, and this is highly advisable if you are any sort of artist, since installing a beautiful mosaic tile in a home is considered to be the one of the best ways of personalizing your living environment. If you are someone who doesn’t have the “artistic hand”, you can look for ideas on the internet (of course), in ornamental and graphic design books and in many children’s coloring books.

The design books will surely have very complex designs, but most of them also have simple images with not that much detail, that can be very tasteful and in some cases even rather brilliant. These sorts of designs are very easy to transform into mosaic tiles.

A child’s coloring book might seem to be a confusing choice, but the images in the coloring book have just enough detail for a mosaic pattern. Furthermore, coloring books can have images of various things, like, for example, cartoon characters, historical figures, events, vehicles, sports, and many other.

The tile coloring process is done afterwards. So, if you are drawing the design yourself, be sure to design it to be just like in a coloring book, as this is actually, how it’s done.

Since mosaic tiles come in various colors, you can paint the design in any way you want. You can also choose different materials for different tiles. For example, you use glass tiles for most colors (since glass is a material that is very easy to paint), and if you have a gray area in your design, you can use stainless steel tiles there. That way, you can have a very impressive mosaic

tile pattern.

After you have finally decided which picture to put on a wall it is just a matter of finding a way to enlarge it proportionally. This is done in a simple way:

Firstly, you should put a grid over the picture.

Look at the grid constituents as an individual tile.

Color every grid piece individually and chose a particular color for each of them.

Just be sure to choose a grid system that has fewer, but larger pieces, rather than a grid that has a great number of small component parts. It is easier to install a simpler grid and, therefore, it costs a smaller amount of money, when all the expenses sum up end.

Since the mosaic tile installation process can be a very tricky one, particularly for those who had never done this sort of thing before, it is highly advisable that these people contact a professional in the business, and have the tiles installed by the company where he or she works in. These people can also give you advice on how to correct your design so that it is easier, but more effective to have it installed on a wall surface.

Tiles are usually put in a kitchen or bathroom area. But some people have had very many interesting ideas, and have decided to have their tiles installed in, for example, the living room, the bedroom, in the garden, by the pool, in the pool, and so on. You can explore your living area and determine where is the best place you think a mosaic tile should be installed, and start searching for ways to begin the process. To conclude, mosaic tiles have proven themselves to beautify an area to a great extent.