Broken chair!

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Doing so means you get exposure to thousands and thousands of other CommentLuv users and your posts get sent out to the massive subscriber list.

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btw.. you can get this author box here

I was supposed to release another video in the “what the Google girl told me” series today but unfortunately, I’ve been away from the pc due to a calamitous chair incident!

If you need a video tutorial fix, go over to Ileanes BasicBlogTips site where I made a guest post on how to update wordpress via FTP

Recline no more!

After 2+ years of good service, my trusty ‘take over the world’ chair gave up the ghost. I had leaned my last lean, tilted my last tilt and power raised my last raise.

Coding will continue soon

I have ordered a replacement chair and will back in the saddle from Monday or Tuesday coding the new version of CommentLuv.

I will probably make a video update too about the responses to the survey questions that lots of nice people filled in.

btw.. this has nothing to do with the gorgeous weather we’re having in England at the moment or the fact it is Easter, or that we’re having a 3 day week because of Easter AND the royal wedding… honest! 😉


I had an adventure with gravity the other day too, you can read all about it at FiddyP : “I’m

NOT a BMX bandit”

Guest Blogger Updates

I’ve added some modifications to the site for handling guest blogger submissions.

  • Auto email with date of scheduled post, published post and return to draft for guest blogger submissions
    I will be notified when you submit a guest post with a link to review it and once I accept it and schedule it for publishing, you will get an email letting you know the exact time it will go live. Once it is published, you will get another email with a link to the post so you can check it for comments.
  • Copyscape checking on all guest post submissions
    I have added some code that lets me check your guest post with copyscape to see if it is unique or a rehash of an existing article. Guest post guidelines state that you cannot submit an existing article or republish your article elsewhere after it has been published here.

    This is to prevent being penalized by Google for duplicate content which a lot of people experienced in the latest Panda algorithm update. (read this fine post by guest blogger Rhys on the google panda update)

    Now that Panda has kicked ass, people have found that it’s NOT such a good idea to submit the same article to multiple article directories and instead submit guest posts on high profile sites (like this PR6 one!) so if you want some quality back links to your site then you really should consider submitting a guest post at!

    All author links are dofollow and you get to write about your own blog subject, the idea being that if you write a good article not only will you get dofollow links on a high profile site but as your post will be to a subject that my readers will expect to see on your site, you will inevitably get traffic and probably some more subscribers to your own blog too!

  • That’s it, hope you had a great Easter everyone, I’ll have some cool stuff for you next week.