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guest blogging

One awesome business and traffic building strategy that people frequently overlook is guest blogging.  Many do not really understand the concept, and others just do not realize how easy it is to get started. Really, all guest blogging is about collaboration between two bloggers.

The benefits of guest blogging are many. It exposes you and your writing to a whole new group of people, helping to build your brand and also position yourself as an expert in the field you are writing about. Provide quality content in your guest blogs, and you will almost certainly acquire new followers for your blog and social media sites. Guest blogging also brings another little perk in the  backlinks you’ll acquire from the sites that you are able to post on. Because you are also helping out a fellow blogger by giving them some fresh content to post, you will often find that you create new and long-lasting friendships. Fellow bloggers will often be happy to return the favor by posting on your blog as well.

Finding Opportunities

If you already frequent certain blogs that  are relevant to your niche, ask if they’d interested in a guest post. Because you read their blog, you’ll already have an idea of the type of things they publish and can plan your post accordingly.  I prefer to actually write the post and send it along with my request. My feeling is that having the actual post to review for relevancy and quality makes them much more likely to agree with posting it for you. Contrast that to an email that says, “Hey, I’ll write a post- what subject would you like me to cover?”  That tells them you don’t really know what their blog is about, and also puts the burden of choosing a topic on them. Additionally, if they do not like your post, or for whatever reason will not publish it, you can simply look for another ‘home’ for it.

Of course, you can send an email to pretty much any blog owner and pitch a guest post to them. At least it shows that you’ve been on their blog and know what it is all about. Certainly try to make your post relevant, and somehow tie any links back to their site and their niche. You might need to gently remind them of your offer.

Some people may not check their mail frequently, others might be extremely business, or simply not interested. I make it a policy to follow up twice over a period of about 10 days before I simply move on.

You can also do a Google search for blogs that accept guest posts. Say your niche is antiques. If you search for ‘antique blogs guest posts’ your results will ferret out lots of blogs that accept guest posts on a regular basis, or have in the past. You now know that these blog owners are receptive to guest blogging, so approach them with a guest post offer.

There is also a great site called My Blog Guest that matches bloggers who want to guest post with those blog owners looking for content. It is a great resource for the blogging community to get together more easily. Most people on the site are receptive to guest blogging even when they do not have a post on the forums specifically looking for content, so you will often get a better response rate than in the general blogosphere. Ann Smarty runs My Blog Guest and SEOSmarty, and has an excellent reputation in the business.

Another good resource for guest bloggers is Blogger LinkUp. This site sends out frequent emails with the guest posts needed and offers to guest post, as well as contests, giveaways, and reviews that people need help with. Cathy Stucker is the blog owner, and she also has several blogs pertaining to blogging and book publishing. Of course, she is generally receptive to offers of quality guest posts for her blogs.  She offers valuable advice on making money both offline and online, as well as building your brand.

Guest blogging can also be fun and informative. You may have some general knowledge lots of topics, but digging into them a little deeper in order to write a post, you’d be amazed at all the things you don’t know! I can tell you that I learn a lot of new things every single day, and that it in itself is reason enough to guest blog.

Whatever your expertise, if you are a blogger you already know how the industry in general works and the advantages of blogging. Now add some guest posts and really kick your blog efforts up a notch!