1. Leon Bailey says:

    Yahoo is really taking a step into the wrong direction. This is pretty petty if you ask me. They need to adapt with the times and embrace the sharing and multiple sign in’s of FB, Google, and other Social Network brands.

  2. Twitter:
    Well, Yahoo might change another CEO soon. Again going against the mainstream and this usually is the wrong strategy.
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  3. Karan Rawat says:

    Trust me they are going o regret this, again they have the authority so let them check their fortune.

  4. Twitter:
    This is a bad move by Yahoo! I had been using flickr via Google login! Now will have to create separate id :)

    @Leon Bailey, Yahoo is not taking a step into the wrong direction but they have said that this change will allow them to offer the best personalized experience to everyone.
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  5. Waqar Hassan says:

    Although some users might find it inconvenient in beginning, Yahoo, like every other business, has a right to increase their own number of users. So from business perspective, the step taken was not a bad one. After all, the Flickr and Fantasy Sports are still owned and managed by Yahoo.

  6. Twitter:
    If Yahoo must remain relevant it has to stop playing the second fiddle to Google. Google has left them far behind, and one of the ways to ensure they get back a lot of people on their platform is to enforce the current rule to help make all users of their important programmes create a Yahoo account.

    But I must say that Yahoo needs more than forcing their users to create account, they need to up their services. I hardly open my Yahoomail these days because with any little network stress they keep struggling. You hardly can open and read your mails when you need to.

    They need to watch their decision as this can either give them a positive result or make a lot of users migrate back to Google that is much more effective and efficient.

    Thanks for sharing, Hassan. Do have a lovely weekend ahead.
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  7. Swati Sharma says:

    Why Yahoo is taking such a big move? They will regret it for sure. They are deviating from the mainstream itself!

  8. Twitter:
    Today i received an email from Yahoo regarding creating a new Yahoo id for flickr login. Transfer process is simple, you just need to follow the link they have provide and it will ask you to login for last time with your Google/Facebook id. Next it will ask you to provide new id name and password and you are done. You don’t have to fill up a full form for creating a Yahoo id and no captcha, so it will merely take a minute for the entire process.
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  9. Twitter:
    This is a new news for me. I didn’t get the purpose of dining this for Yahoo exactly. Lets see.
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  10. Twitter:
    Its really very bad time for Yahoo as google started to introduce many new stuffs, Mean while facebook also started to work. But Yahoo is doing such kinds of works. Its very bad.
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  11. I think when Google like company are so popular, it is tough task to Yahoo to grab lead by Google
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  12. Twitter:
    Well, this is indeed a fantastic news for we all people, thanks for this awesome post.
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  13. Twitter:
    Hey Waqar, Thanks for sharing this important information with us. I have no idea about this but after reading this post, I learned some new news.
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  14. Yahoo is a big company and I dont think its going anywhere, Change is always good. Google has changed a lot from the time it was launched and Yahoo is also trying to be better and In my opinion its a good thing.

  15. Twitter:
    Yahoo may want to change it’s policy with it’s competitor and I think This may work as positive strategy for Yahoo to try and bring users back into yahoo’s ecosystem. But success for this policy will depend on users. If yahoo can upgrade their system as per users demand, then this policy can bring good effect on yahoo’s future.
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  16. Twitter:

    Since Google is leading the online industry and to compete with it, Yahoo find it very difficult. The main reason is interchangeability which we change and use in all related Google products. So now disabling the access to other things like Facebook and Google will make them unique and all all the visitors needs to create have and a Yahoo account separately.
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  17. something new today i heared but i am not getting why yahoo is doing that and whats the purpose of it ?
    nice information shared
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  18. Yahoo is done. Google is better in every aspect. Yahoo needs to think of something to new to get back to the top.
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  19. Twitter:
    I don’t know if it’s a good news or not. But It will have a great impact for all old users of this service
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  20. Yahoo is going down, this manager, chief executive officer whatever, so she is trying to revive the Yahoo company, now they come up with new marketing strategies, making noise and creating rumors around the www world.

    They can’t compete with Big G(Google), they simply can’t. But they try, I don’t hope the best for them. :D

    So true
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