Cloud Computing & Cloud Operating System Facing Security Issues

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Abel Wike
Abel Wike
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Cloud Computing is based on sharing of computing resources, which delivers different services like servers, applications and storage to organizations via internet. This service makes you free from managing hardware and software of an organization. With a cloud app, you have to run a browser, log in, customize the app, and start using it. Cloud Computing runs on different methods, which are discussed as under.

cloud computing


Cloud computing serviced are divided into three categories: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS), Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS), and Software-as-a-Service (SAAS).

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS): Cloud service provider performs the operation and maintenance of IAAS. It offers storage, hardware, servers, and networking function.

Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS): Developer creates a set of software with tools provided from provider. The total control of software deployment and configuration is in hand of developer. The provider offers only server and storage.

Software-as-a-Service (SAAS): It is available via the internet. Many organizations use this type of model. It provides a remote access of software and its tasks. 

Cloud Computing Types:

There are different types of cloud computing models like private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, community cloud.

Private Cloud: Private cloud is carried only in organization. Employees of organization can access data, application, and other service. Unknown person cannot access private cloud service. The operation and maintenance of a private cloud is in the hands of an organization.

Public Cloud: Any person can access a web application and service through the internet. Organizations do not have to purchase personal cloud storage; they can store their data and backup on the third party cloud storage.

Hybrid Cloud: It is a combination of a private and public cloud. Organizations keep their essential data in enterprise’s private cloud storage. The rest data rests on public cloud storage. It saves cost of public cloud storage due to the usage of private cloud storage.

Security issues:

Security is necessary for a cloud computing service due to storage of high volume of data and backup. There are some security issues, which we cannot ignore while considering cloud computing.

Data Transfer: Data transfer is a critical issue for cloud computing. For a cloud

customer, it is very hard to judge the behavior of an attacker. It is essential to check that the data travels on a secure connection. Therefore, your data should be encrypted using industry standard protocol like IPSec (internet protocol security). Your URL should begin with HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Interface & Authentication: While accessing API or software interface, you should be careful about its dependability, liability, and privacy. A weak interface can cause security issues. Organization should go through the policies of cloud service provider. There are many policies regarding cloud authentication that must be matched with company’s strategy. The security administration policy should be flexible that should support for new services that have different background of authentication.

Injection Attack: Attacker can inject virus in cloud service that can damage cloud system. Attacker makes a malicious application or service and places it in the cloud. When a user chooses a malicious program request, the virus will enter in the user’s system and can damage the user’s system hardware.

Flooding Attack: The main object of cloud computing is to provide available resources to users. Cloud computing frequently increase its size as per request received from a user. Here, attacker can place false requests to cloud service. Now, cloud service accepts such request, then, there will be no space for the legitimate request. Client has to pay additional money for the used space generated through false links.

Data Storage: Client should ask to cloud service provider about the security for data storage. How they maintain the client’s data on storage is very important aspect for service provider. Strong security must be there at the time of data transfer and data storage. Even access level of data and the details of people who manage your confidential data should be obtained.

Sniffing: When your data is not encrypted then, attacker can hack a password during the transfer of data. SSL helps you to secure your data transfer while accessing Cloud Computing service. The third party cannot read your password or login details, when you have SSL security for your cloud service.


In this article, we have discussed the types, security issues, and methods of Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is a service that provides access to virtualized resources and saves the cost of clients. Cloud Computing is really a helpful technology that needs security at the time of implementation. Encryption of data is necessary when you use Cloud Computing service. 


  1. Nice post , i guess data transfer security issues plays a big role in cloud computing ! thumbs up author !@
    harshi recently posted…Find Duplicate Images online on Internet !My Profile

  2. hi Abel nice post .Information is very useful .in future it will use mostly .As cloud computing is achieving increased popularity, concerns are being voiced about the security issues introduced through adoption of this new model. The effectiveness and efficiency of traditional protection mechanisms are being reconsidered as the characteristics of this innovative deployment model can differ widely from those of traditional architecture .

  3. Ogłoszenia Anglia says:

    I need to be aware that using Open Zone internet in restaurant networks like McD\’s there is a big risk that your phone may be hacked, your contacts, messages and other may be available to the others, why ? – Simple – most of you using the same data to enter to the McD\’s open zone as well as in phone datas. For example same android account email and password as in McD\’s open zone account which are easy to get, trought the network. Never use the same password for public acces as you using for your personal. Stay safe in network

  4. Cloud Computing also helps to save up a lot of brandwidth and increase security too. I tends to host my video or heavy content on Amazon S3 for cloud hosting and it’s really cheap too
    Winson Yeung recently posted…How To Write A Cover Letter For A Job ApplicationMy Profile

  5. Richard Kovich says:

    So, Cloud computing has been around in one form or another for years. It is just the latest “it” term. Essentially SOA, SOAP, SaaS, Web Services all share the same history in one fashion or another; however, the security issues that you highlight have also always existed as well. The risks you highlight all come from organizations that are not willing (or do not understand) to properly establish an Information Security division. It all comes down to money. If you are going to spend money on “the cloud” you need to spend the $ on security as well.

  6. The efficiency of the cloud computing is purely decided by the security of it delivers to its consumers…! i think one should rely on the hardware storage rather than going for cloud computing.
    BTW nice article :)
    rohit recently posted…8086 Microprocessor architecture (fully explained)My Profile

  7. Hi Abel,Let me start off by saying you have a very cute profile pic :)…Ok getting to the post…I never knew much about cloud computing but your post gave me a bit of an idea and was very simple to understand..thank you…Hope to see more posts by you at comluv :)
    Suraj recently posted…Skyrim Dragonborn statue announced by BethesdaMy Profile

  8. I guess No system is Un-Crackable. Everything can be cracked and and Hacked. If users Store their personal data and Use Cloud for it so it is Obvious that hackers will seek for it. Recent Hack of Evernote shows it Clearly.
    Ravi recently posted…4 Methods to hack Facebook Account used by HackersMy Profile

  9. deepak mehra says:


    Promoting your site was not so easy to be done, you must be always on way to be inspired on everything you do and be patient.

    Thanks !!

  10. Yes in cloud computing there are several issues regarding the security. As in this we have to share the computer resources. So it is difficult to maintain the security.
    Prakash recently posted…Download Kik Messenger for Android Smartphones | TabletsMy Profile

  11. Yes in cloud computing there are several issues regarding the security. As in this we have to share the computer resources. So it is difficult to maintain the security. thanks for sharing…….

  12. there are issues in cloud computing but it is best it saves your time. and you can access your data easily from anywhere
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  13. nice post :) nice write up by author :)
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  14. Thanks for sharing some high valued information as we are very soon going on cloud service implementation. Cloud computing offers your business many benefits. It allows you to set up what is essentially a virtual office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time. With the growing number of web-enabled devices used in today\’s business environment (e.g. smart phones, tablets), access to your data is even easier.

  15. Hi, you have mentioned almost every possible security issues of cloud computing. and thanks for mentioning the methods to get rid of these.

  16. Couldn’t agree more with you regarding data storage. The best thing about backing your data up with cloud services is that your data is protected offsite; usually protected on the cloud providers website. If your systems were ever breached or data misplaced/deleted internally, you’ll know your data is backed up and available to you online and accessible from anywhere. Not only that, but most cloud providers will let you set priority levels on data so you can pick and choose what backups you need access to versus having to sort through a directory of ALL of your data.
    Russ Davidson recently posted…Cloud Data Backup and the Complete Accounting SolutionMy Profile

  17. Ashley Williamson says:

    The two main concerns users should have about using cloud storage with their mobile devices are reliability and security. While you need to ensure you have access to your data wherever you may go, you also need to ensure that no one else can get their hands on it. Great post!

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