10 Lifesaving Steps To Moving Your WordPress Blog To Your New Webhost

10 steps to help move your wordpress blog with less stress

Migrating a WordPress blog is a very delicate operation where things can go VERY wrong. Thanks to my difficult migration, I learned a few lessons that helped me get through. I thought moving my WordPress blogs would take me about six to eight hours at most but that was not to be. My experience was […]

5 Valuable KPIs of Facebook Ads

KPIs of Facebook Ads

Assessing marketing results has always been about data and key performance indicators (KPIs). With Facebook Ads, it’s about looking from a more social perspective. When I wrote my earlier article about getting exposure with Facebook ads, I had no idea it would generate such a response. That was when I decided to really don my […]

3 Ways Facebook Ads Help With Exposure

3 Ways Facebook Ads Help With Exposure

When your advertising budget is tight, Facebook ads may just be the little boost you need Not too long ago I was talking to a new client about integrating Facebook ads into his marketing strategy. I was mentioning to him the different ways I had used them and how they worked to help me get […]

10 Tips To Help Protect Your Eyesight


Good Eyesight Helps Us See The World In All Its Brightness But What Can We Do To Hep Protect It? Many of us don’t check our eyesight until something really drastic happens. In my case, my glasses just were working that well anymore. So what can we do on a daily basis to help protect […]

5 Foods That Can Help Manage Blood Glucose

Sweets spike blood glucose but these other foods can help you manage it

Not only do they help with glucose but they may minimize the effects of diabetes. Diabetes runs in my family on both sides and when I was much younger I was diagnosed as hypoglycemic. That’s usually a precursor to diabetes. ┬áSo far I have been fortunate to not feel he effects of diabetes directly. Instead […]

How These Foods Can Help You Fight Depression

Depression has many causes and may be helped by the food you eat!

Help Stem The Symptoms Of Depression With Just 3 Meals A Day! There are many causes of depression ranging from chemical imbalance to coping with personal tragedy to the time of the year. For the more serious cases, drugs are necessary. But there is one possible cause of depression that largely goes unchecked because we […]

Surprising Health Benefits of 4 Fruits & Vegetables That Should Be On Your Table

Girl eating grapes

Chomping On These Foods Will Definitely Help You To Improve Your Health & Keep That New Years Resolution This is the year, I’m going take better care of my health! I’m going to eat more fruits and vegetables and less red meat I’m going to the gym 5 days a week and lose 30lbs! Sound […]