Teaching Our Kids Fire Safety: Don’t Panic!

Burning Firewood

As a tween, I always loved campfires and pouring accelerants on fires. Seeing the flames shoot up in the air like lightening was exciting, especially if the fire crackled and boomed, but looking back, that was incredibly dangerous and it only takes one unlucky night to change your life forever. The next time you go […]

Family Safety and Fun for Everyone: Enjoy Your Backyard While Being Safe

Applying Sunscreen

Applying Sunscreen -iStockphoto by PhotoEuphoria How many times have you wanted to take a fun trip with your kids, but time off work or money for the trip just wasn’t an option? In this economy, times are tough and we have to get creative. There are endless fun activities that we can do right in […]

Fire Safe Landscapes: 8 Tips for Keeping Your Yard Safe

Don't burn your backyard

Most people think of late summer and fall as prime time for wild fires, but late spring is also a time when wild fire danger is at its highest, according to Michigan State University. Spring winds dry dead grass, leaving it especially prone to fire danger until new spring growth emerges. Urban areas are just […]

Dress Your Patio for Winter with Structure, Heat and Light

Photo credit: The  Outdoor Greatroom Company

There is an old adage that to prosper in the work environment you must “Dress for Success”. This adage also holds true for backyard patios. Why? As the seasons transition from the warmth of summer to the crisp chill of fall and winter, dressing a patio with the right elements means extending outdoor dining and […]